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Go back to where I bought the phone to replace it for another Note 7 and was told that it would be a week before the replac read more.

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Yes 6. I love this phone. I have had no issues, I had no issues with the first note 7 I was issued. Now I have to return it again and settle for a phone I don't even want. Yes 2. I dont. Like the recall. LOVE this phone, so sad to have to send it back.. Unfortunately the battery issue has caused a big problem with the phone. I have to say that I didn't have a problem with the first one or the replacement. It's too bad because this is such a great phone.

Company plans New York launch late next month

I hope that Samsung doesn't stop the Note series because of this mishap. Very disappointed that I had to return it! Yes 4. This phone is so killer! All the features are so explosive and unlike anything else out there. It's just straight fire. If there is one word to describe the device The phone has been great and I love the new features.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phones: what was wrong with them? | WIRED UK

I hate that they are being recalled without a replacement that has as much going for it. Yes 1. Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. Ask and ye shall receive, oh seeker of knowledge.


This link will tell you everything you need to know. Was this answer helpful? With the recall does that matter? Great question, str8spoiled. In regards to the Note 7 recall this goes for all devices.

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  7. You run the risk of getting this phone and having complications with the device. We will not warranty or provide the replacements for the device if anything was to happen. I would not suggest getting this device. Recalled, and downgraded to a S7 because the IPhone 7 was not available at the time.

    I did not like the S7 when I purchased my Note, and don't like it now. I was very happy with my Note 4 and would like a free, refurbished Note 4 sent to me. I am not happy with any of the other phones and it is unfair that I have to go without the Note that I traded in.

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    Michelle, we definitely want you to get the proper box to send back your Note 7. If you have not received yours yet, you may reach out to customer service at to get the correct packaging sent out. That is a great question.

    Consumers react to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

    What an awesome device. You may return your phone and get a different one of your choice. Can I get a replacement or can I activate a Verizon compatible tablet I all ready own in its place?

    I'm so sorry to read that your tablet was stolen, Tpithoud. Theft is an experience that we never want our customers to be a victim of. If you have insurance with Asurion then you can have the tablet replaced for a deductible. Here's a link to look up the cost of the deductible. Here's a link on how to activate a previously owned device. Yes 0. In the midst of Samsung's massive Galaxy Note 7 recall, the company's swanky showroom in New York City is electing not to post any prominent signage to inform customers of the recall. Instead, reps are quietly referring questions about refunds or exchanges to its customer service hotline.

    The "flagship experience center," which doesn't actually sell products, simply removed all the Galaxy Note 7 displays from the showroom. Dominic Febbo waited outside the Samsung location in Manhattan on Tuesday morning to help his mom return her Galaxy Note 7 for a full refund.

    We finally know why Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s 'exploded'

    He left empty-handed from the facility, which Samsung says is not a retail store, though devices and merchandise are displayed there. Febbo was part of a small group of people in line outside Samsung's swanky "technology playground" in New York 's Meatpacking District, and a few were there to see about exchanging or returning their newly recalled Note 7. Febbo spent about 25 minutes in the building but was told he wouldn't be refunded right away. I have to call the number for Samsung, and they send me everything. Once he returns it, it'll be about 10 days for the refund, he said.

    The electronics giant said Tuesday it halted production of the device after multiple reports of both original and replacement Note 7s overheating and catching fire. Romesh Wijewardena told CNBC he bought the second-generation Note 7 from T-Mobile in late September and doesn't plan on returning it anytime soon, even with the recalls and warnings.

    I'm going to keep it. If I have a problem, then I'm going to think about it, and if not, I'm going to keep it. Samsung is 10 times better," he said. I have every single Note. All four major US carriers have stopped issuing Note 7 via sales and exchanges. Meanwhile, T-Mobile , Best Buy and Samsung have said they will offer exchanges and provide full refunds for customers who want their money back.