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Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Since its inception, OnePlus has been one of the most beloved companies among Android users. Its rapid growth was driven by fan input and was literally molded over time to produce phones its fans wanted to buy.

The OnePlus 7 Pro feels like the first device from the company that has truly entered the hyper-premium space. The company clearly listened to fan input around the design of this phone, but it also added features made to directly compete with Samsung and Huawei — and it shows in the price. Do the new features justify the higher cost, and will fans stick with the company now that it is trying to compete more directly with the big dogs? About this review: I used a OnePlus 7 Pro review unit supplied by the manufacturer over a period of 10 days.

Show More. The OnePlus 7 Pro is the biggest , fastest, and most expensive device the company has ever offered. Its edge-to-edge display trades the notch for a mechanical pop-up selfie camera, and the new high-resolution 90Hz display looks and feels amazing. In adding these features, however, the 7 Pro trades a key benefit for which the company has traditionally been known: battery life.

OnePlus 7 Pro review: The big picture

OnePlus devices have typically targeted customers who want the best experience at the lowest price. OnePlus is also launching a standard OnePlus 7, albeit not in the U. This is a 30W brick. OnePlus says its charger keeps the phone from getting too hot by converting the voltage to 5V at 6A in the charger itself, instead of handling the conversion on the device. The phone also comes with a cheap clear TPU case.

Read: The best OnePlus 7 Pro screen protectors you can buy. OnePlus refines its design about twice a year and has done so for the last five years.

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The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 6. I feel OnePlus should have maintained the body size of the OnePlus 6T — or even gone smaller since there is no notch and very little bezel in the OnePlus 7 Pro. Instead, OnePlus went the other direction. OnePlus achieves this nearly-bezel-less design by hiding the selfie camera in a pop-up mechanism in the top of the device.

The mechanism is quite silent and fast, and you can even use it for face unlock without skipping a beat. OnePlus says it takes 0. The rear of the device is made of the same soft-touch glass as the OnePlus 6T. It feels more like metal than glass, so depending on your preference you might love it or hate it. The colors are very classy and subtle. A Mirror Blue colorway was announced exclusively for India on July 8, though we may see it show up in other countries in the future. Here are some good options. The OnePlus 7 Pro has one speaker grille on the bottom of the device, and another embedded in the top bezel.

  1. With the 7T, OnePlus has now launched four phones in the U.S. this year?
  2. Nokia 5.1 Tinder spy.
  3. 2. Open Location Service and Use Google Location Services to Track.

This allows for a nearly edge-to-edge display, with only the slimmest chin on the bottom. The phone is fairly bare otherwise, save for the pop-out camera in the top. The bottom of the device also houses a USB-C port. The huge 90Hz display is faster and smoother than any OnePlus phone before it — at the cost of battery life. OnePlus is using a 90Hz panel in the OnePlus 7 Pro, which means animations and movement look more fluid than they would on a 60Hz screen.

Colors are bright and vivid but not overly saturated.

[Updated] It’s Time to Stop Buying Phones from OnePlus

Even scrolling through the app drawer feels fluid. The combination of the capable hardware and wonderful software makes performance on the OnePlus 7 Pro great. In day-to-day use, OnePlus offers a number of features that help the device fly. It does things like keep key app data in the memory to make apps launch faster, and this makes a big difference. The device is well optimized, and I never once felt a stutter or slowdown during my time with it.

In benchmarks, the OnePlus 7 Pro scores well. As such, we thought it only fair to revisit our feelings on OnePlus—to give it another chance. So we contacted the company and had an open conversation about our feelings. The resulting conversation was, as we expected, one that showed the maturity of the company. This is a grown company now.

For the last year, things have been quiet for OnePlus—at least where negative press is concerned. Nay, quite the opposite these days—this is a company that we feel has overcome the growing pains of being new and trying to stand out in the crowd. Founded just a hair over four years ago—at the end of —OnePlus is a subsidiary of Chinese electronics manufacturer Oppo.

The initial idea for the company was admirable: to make smartphones with high end components and features without the high end price tag. And you know what? For the most part, OnePlus makes good smartphones. On video. Nothing about that sounds like a good idea out of the gate, but it gets worse. If chosen, they would then smash their phone in the described manner, on camera. Then they could buy a OnePlus One for one dollar. Sound crazy yet?

People smashed their phones on camera not only before they were chosen to do so, but also before the contest even started. Phones are full of chemicals that are safe when housed within their intended enclosure, but prone to explode when put in certain conditions…like being smashed to hell.

The OnePlus One was originally only available through an invite-only system.

OnePlus crushes the competition with a 90Hz display, pop-up camera, and a killer price.

This was put in place to combat the limited quantities available at release, but it just made things needlessly complex. In order to get an invite, customers had to jump through a series of hoops with things like contests. All just to buy the damn phone in the first place. Once they bought a phone, those customers were given a limited number of invites to hand out to friends and family.

OnePlus 7 Pro review: Bigger and brighter, but is it better?

If you were one of the lucky ones to get an invite, you had 24 hours to use it. After that, it was gone. God forbid you were out of the house that day, or on a family vacation. Shortly after the OnePlus One was released, some users complained of screen yellowing. The pictures would then get upvoted by forum members—mostly men—and the top 50 got a free OnePlus t-shirt and an invite to buy the phone.

Objectifying and sexist, Ladies First received a massive backlash as soon as it was announced—so much that the company cancelled it within hours. This company was responsible for building the operating system that would run on the One. This is one of the things that made the OnePlus One so appealing to Android die-hards. This also later turned into a nightmare for OnePlus.