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Midrange is a pretty good way to describe most of the Hawkeye's specs, in fact, though the phone will run Android Nougat and feature a relatively large mAh battery.

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According to ZTE, the Hawkeye will ship with a 5. It'll also have a dual-lens design on the back, featuring and megapixel lenses, respectively. You'll also find a dual-SIM slot, where one slot can also double as a microSD port for additional storage.

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The phone is being developed as part of ZTE's Project CSX crowdsourcing initiative and is slated to hit store shelves in the third quarter. While we're only now learning about the phone's internal specs, ZTE did unveil the Hawekye's major features last year. First up is eye-tracking, a feature that will let you use your eyes to navigate the software by looking up, down, left, or right.

You can also use your eyes to scroll or swipe around the display without ever needing to use your fingers.

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