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The defining word that sums up ColorOS 6. The minimalist philosophy is seen in the system apps, in the phone call UI, in the quick settings toggles, and in the settings app. On the other hand, ColorOS does have a huge number of features, so it was always going to be a challenge for any device maker of a feature-rich UI to present them in an intuitive manner. Ultimately, the refreshed design of ColorOS 6. The launcher of ColorOS 6. This is a good decision. OPPO also correctly implements the swipe up to access app drawer gesture. The swipe down on home screen gesture is set by default to open Global Search, but users can change it to open the notification center instead.

I personally found the latter option a lot more convenient. They can also choose whether to automatically add new downloaded apps to the home screen or not. There are a few transition effects to choose from on the home screen.

The app drawer shows a row of predicted apps by default, but this can be disabled in the home screen settings menu. The app drawer scrolling is as fast and smooth as it should be, and I had no issues here. The simple mode contains much bigger icons, as expected. Instead, it has a smart assistant feature that is more relevant for users in China. It can only be accessed through the toggle in the quick settings menu, which OPPO calls the control center.

Despite improvements to some aspects, ColorOS 6 continues falling short

Notifications in stock Android are great. Notification channels is a useful feature that lets users disable notifications for different categories of an app, while notification snoozing lets users temporarily snooze a heads-up notification by swiping up on it. Android 9 also added suggestion replies to the notification center.

This was first introduced in Google Allo, but now it has made its way to Android Messages as well as quite a few other Google apps. Users can now disable notifications for some categories of an app, while keeping enabled the other notification categories. This level of granular control is good to have, and ColorOS 6. It saves the need to download a third-party app on the Play Store. In the display settings, ColorOS 6. Dark mode found its way to stock Android in the Android 10 update. Google has since updated nearly every Google app with an in-built dark mode.

Dark mode works as well as users have come to expect. Interestingly, ColorOS 6. The dark mode in ColorOS 6.

Oppo A9 2020, hands on: A good-value large-screen handset with great battery life

Overall, this makes it better than the one in stock Android The screen-off clock can be customized with two digital and one analog clock style. The feature can be scheduled according to time to save battery life. The best feature of ColorOS is its navigation system, which offers unparalleled levels of customization.

Users can choose from the following three types of main navigation systems:. The gesture operations for the ball can be customized, and its transparency can be adjusted. Users can choose to hide the ball in full screen mode. The assistive ball is obviously disabled by default. Smart sidebar is a more interesting feature. Users can swipe from the top edge of the right side of the screen to access a sidebar where they can quickly take a screenshot, record the screen, open File Manager or the Calculator, and one more customizable button to open any user app.

All Neccessary Features to Monitor OPPO Android devices

The screen-off gestures are disabled by default and are of limited use considering that most OPPO phones now have fast optical in-display fingerprint sensors, which lets the user quickly jump to the home screen. Nevertheless, users can enable double tap to wake, draw O and V to enable camera and turn on flashlight, and OPPO provides more customization for actions such as sliding left or right, or drawing the M character.

Android 10 comes with quite a few privacy-focused features such as better handling of permissions, building upon the privacy features momentum of Android 9. This comes on top of the permission management improvements added with Android 10, such as granular control of allowing location to be used by apps.

2. Flexispy

According to OPPO, this feature aims at preventing personal data leakage. How does this feature work? The personal information is in the form of call history, contacts, messages, and calendar events. As far as I can tell, this appears to be a unique feature in Android skins. The smart protection will automatically determine whether or not to turn on protection for newly installed apps. However, a feature of this kind is needed for privacy-focused users in Parents can set the duration allowed for each session, the apps allowed to be accessed by their child, and they can even choose to turn off the cellular network.

It can only be accessed if the user has a privacy protection password; pattern unlock will not do the job for this feature. ColorOS also includes App Lock, where the user can lock any user app behind their privacy protection password for an additional layer of security. The identification of online numbers in calls is a very popular feature these days. OPPO also provides quick actions for calls from unknown numbers in the form of saving the number, adding it to the blacklist, or marking it.

ColorOS also uses randomized MAC addresses when probing for new networks while not currently associated with a network. It aims to block criminal base stations that are disguised as the base stations of actual mobile network carriers.

Oppo tracker

The battery statistics implementation of ColorOS 6. The detailed power usage statistics of apps was also not available. Screen-on time counters in apps such as GSam Battery Monitor were broken as well, which was a problem when trying to evaluate battery life. Used time is now shown, as well as screen-on time. The predicted time for how long the battery will last is also shown in the battery statistics.

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Everything was relatively passable or adequate, not shining in any one area. Source: Tom's Guide If you don't mind the lack of storage options, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom provides great cameras, strong performance, and a simple but distinctive design inside and out. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom and Reno 5G review: Classy and cunning Source: Pocket Lint This phone looks good, with intricate design, has one of the most versatile camera systems on the planet, a cool-looking pop-up camera, great battery life and software that is miles better than it was even two years ago.

Make no mistake, the 10x Zoom is a real flagship phone, and the one that'll make you start taking Oppo seriously. Not only does it match most other devices in its segment, but it also manages to deliver certain things you just can't find on most other smartphones. While it isn't perfect, it is a jack of all trades and a master in some areas.

The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom offers a promising spec sheet with superior camera features. On paper, it takes on directly with the OnePlus 7 Pro at an affordable price. But if you are not a tight budget of around Rs 40,, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is a great device to buy with all the style and performance that lacks in the vanilla OnePlus 7. You get top-tier specs, top-tier cameras, and top-tier design. Of course, you will need to shed top-tier cash as it will cost you P45, But OPPO has matured in It feels like it wants to make a statement that it can also do what others are already doing.

Those looking to invest in the OnePlus 7 might be tempted to spend just a little more to get a far better set of cameras and a more eye-catching design, while OnePlus 7 Pro users might find the decision as simple as getting competitive specs at a much lower price. Yes, the Asus 6z does come into the mix, but the Reno offers a better camera experience and a much more premium design.

No, And as we mentioned in our comparison between the two devices, the Reno 10x Zoom does score heavily when it comes to design and cameras in comparison with the Never Settler. The smartphone comes loaded with versatile cameras and the shark fin pop-up mechanism is pleasing to the eyes. The display is immersive and the design probably the best from Oppo. The hardware performance is top-notch and battery capacity is dependable.

In addition, the performance you get is top-notch which is a great bargain for this price.

Oppo Reno 5G review: The most affordable 5G phone is a winner - CNET

While people will undoubtedly snicker at the idea of dropping Php 45, for a phone made by OPPO, the Reno 10x Zoom really has a lot of tech under the hood that justifies that price tag. It feels classy and sturdy at the same time. It looks the part of a flagship, all right, but it also performs the part of a flagship really well. The performance of the phone is pretty flawless with little to no lag in loading apps, playing games and the likes. The display spans across the entire body making it feel really immersive. A major downside we found was the UI and the plethora of bloatware that clutter the notification shade in no time.

It has a great design, battery performance, cameras, and speakers. Not to mention the periscope camera with a whopping 60x digital zoom and the rising front camera design. So yes, I do recommend this shark of a flagship killer to those looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro and any other flagships out now. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom review: Classy looks and camera cunning Source: Pocket Lint This phone looks good, with intricate design, has one of the most versatile camera systems on the planet, a cool-looking pop-up camera, great battery life and software that is miles better than it was even two years ago.

The notch-less design leads to an immersive experience when gaming, and you get the latest internal hardware backed by excellent battery life. The 10x hybrid zoom lens is a great new addition, as is the unique shark fin popup camera up front. The stylish design will attract attention for sure, but camera performance is where the Reno 10x Zoom shines.

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The Reno 10x Zoom is among the few phones you will find with the new Snapdragon processor. So, if your priorities are all those features and the price is not an issue, then Reno 10x Zoom is a good choice. These phones are clearly both peas from the same pod. I think they are equally good on their own merits. For most people, which one you prefer will come down to whether you would rather have an incredible screen or a game-changing camera.

Both phones are expected to come to Singapore in the coming months, but exact local availability and pricing details have yet to be announced by Oppo Singapore.