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Coronavirus can live on your phone, so here's how to clean your phone. Read our guide to disinfect your phone and case. Google's latest crop of Android 11 preview features includes new functionality for foldable phones and 5G phones, as well as new security measures and better animations. The iPhone 12 promises to be the biggest upgrade in years. Here's everything you need to know. Two display manufacturers are uniting to make a new 5.

Like its previous flagships, the Meizu 17 will probably have great specs at a great price, but its greatest feature may be a clever user interface around its camera punch hole. Here's another look at the Moto Edge Plus, and this time the leaked renders look official. Want to make sure your kids are safe on their phones?

Here are the best parental control apps for managing apps, filtering websites and logging activities. Analysis of iOS 14 code has revealed more evidence of a distance sensor on the iPhone 12's Pro versions.


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Please read these information before buy a smartphone on Giztop, it will help you to make right decision. Screen size is good that's why this kind of battery life is acceptable but if the screen was even 0. My Cart 0 Place your promotion here. My mobile keeps asking me to update Google Play Services and I go through as far as the permissions window but then always abort because it's asking me to sign my life away to them and I do not give google permission to access my phone whenever they want, or leave turn it on and off when they want, or to access my contacts etc I tried to uninstall but it won't let me.

I turned off notifications but it still pops up telling me I need to update. I'm bloody sick of it. Thank you for this!

I thought I was the only one! I love podcasts and privacy and I hate being treated as a lab rat by large corporations? I always try to avoid google. I avoid chrome, google search etc.. But i still use gmail, maps. I will change that, probably with proton mail,they are awesome.

For job mostly i basically depend on social media and my gmail account but at least i don't have my personal data online, expect name i think.

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I recommend flashing some open source custom rom, most of them will be google free. I can't without many apps but i can change their unnecessarily permissions. Biggest problem is in google service, it won't work if you change permissions so that is that. They are forcing you to give them data. They force all companies like samsung etc. I thought it was a good article.

I got a free government phone from the Lifeline program. I can't root the phone to uninstall any Google bloatware or move apps to an sd card to save on the tiny space or use an sd card for a swap file to get more out of my ram - all very reasonable request.

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The phone uses Google products for Everything. I have no doubt everything I say and do on the phone is being recorded by someone. But hey.. Because it's a government program, shouldn't I have the freedom to use my device as I want? I do use google voice because I use the free phone number to give me a wifi phone so I don't have to use my cell plan minutes. I can replace this with Talkatone but they will push ad's and I need an ad free phone experience.

There is an open source project to replace G. Services called Micro G GmsCore. I'm using it.

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Everything work but it depend on roms, apps and settings :. Nice text!

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If I don't install G. Services, I don't get notifications from different messengers while I don't open them and it's annoying do it manually several times al hour. If there is not a solution, I guess that I'll use the g. Unfortunately, many apps use Google Play services to deliver notifications and don't offer a workaround.

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There is a free software project to replace G. I'm using it and everything work but depend on ROMs, apps and settings. Thank you for all the info. You have prob saved me in ways you can't imagine. As of today I will be Google free.. Since I use android I'm almost completely Google free.

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My reason for this is because Google apps run always in the background and also drains battery and ram. Why you can't fking log into apps without those play services?! Any app which has Facebook for logging in does not require Facebook app. But Google wants to be on your phone always.