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Android: Enable or Disable Background Data

Actually, you can use some third-party GPS tracker apps to track your Samsung device's location. There are many different types of these GPS tracker apps present on the internet, but if asked "what is the best tracking app to track my Samsung phone", then KidsGuard Pro would be the answer you get. KidsGuard Pro is an Android parental control app that allows a user to track or monitor all the activities of a target device including real-time location. Since the app must be installed in advance in case you want to track a lost phone, it is more useful for real-time location tracking especially for parents who want to track the location of their kids.

Part 1: What does it mean to allow Mock Locations on Android?

Try It Now View Demo. Step 2: Visit www. Then download and install KidsGuard Pro app on it. Step 3: Launch the KidsGuard Pro app upon installation and sign in with your account. Then, follow the setup instructions to set up the app. Step 4: Then log in to your web portal and select Location option from the side panel to track the location of the Samsung device. The GPS location of the target phone is displayed on the Google map in real time, so that you can track the current whereabouts of the target Samsung phone and view location history in detail. The app is undetectable on the target Samsung phone, for it will disappear on the monitored device after the installation process, making the target hard to find and delete it.

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All the tracked data is stored in a safe location and is inaccessible to others, including KidsGuard Pro support. Find My Mobile from Samsung allows users to track the location of their phone, as well as lock, reset, or backup their device remotely. Since you can also track the location of your device, you can also use this app to find your lost device, or track someone's location.

Step 3: Then, you need to select the target Samsung device in the Find My Mobile online interface and track its location. The way can not offer an accurate location tracking solution. You can only see the approximate location of the target Samsung phone. The third way to track the location of a Smashing phone is by using its IMEI number to track the device.

IMEI is a digit number that is unique to every mobile, and if you lost your device, then you could track its IMEI number to track its location. To track the location of a Samsung device, you must first know its IMEI number in advance, for which steps are given below:. Now, write down the IMEI number and model number of your device somewhere safe. You can also find your device IMEI number on the back panel of your device, or on the battery if it is removable or on the device box.

The facility to track the lost phone using its IMEI number is only available for certain agencies like police, investigation, etc. It's easy to ask it to do things like changing the volume or increasing the brightness of the phone. Generally, when it comes to device control, Bixby is very good, as it is with composing messages for you, or reading incoming messages.

Bixby Vision offers a range of functions that take advantage of the camera on the phone.

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Working in a similar way to Google Lens or the Amazon shopping app, you can either ask Bixby what something is or open the camera app and hit the Bixby Vision button. This is a great feature, but one we've used plenty of times before in other apps. Bixby Vision will essentially identify whatever the camera is pointed at, with options presented depending on what it sees, offering to identify an image, place, text or go to shopping options.

How-To locate your Samsung Galaxy A7 if lost or stolen

When the Bixby Vision thinks it can see wine, it offers a wine search function. These then lead into more information, once the device has been identified. The best bit about Bixby Vision is that it's not dependent on the full Bixby Voice service, with direct access through the camera, so even those who don't yet have language support for the full Bixby Voice service will get Bixby Vision. There's another side to Bixby. For those not diving into the voice service - or those who can't get it because it's not supported in their country - there's Bixby Home.

This is part of your phone home screen, living off to the left of your homepage. In the UK, this integrates the Upday news service accessed via a left-swipe on the screen or a short press on the button or Flipboard for those elsewhere and pulls in cards from supported apps. Many apps and services can be integrated into Bixby Home, like Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and your Gallery, so you can access highlights from all these things there. That means you'll have a card showing pictures you've recently taken, a card showing current Twitter trends or controls for your Spotify music.

In reality, there's very little that Bixby Home does that's unique or useful. Bixby can create a reminder for you - but with specific tasks in text or checklist format. You can ask it to remind you of calls and text messages that you want to make later, and media content that you want to revisit later such as photos up to eight photos in one reminder , video, and web content.

It also handles some of the booking process, like reservation time, your phone number, the number of guests, etc. Bixby lets you book Uber rides with your voice.

How to Track A Samsung Phone Using GPS or IMEI Number [2020 Updated]

Bixby simply responded with a price and a request to confirm. The best part is you don't need any of these apps installed either.

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Pocket-lint What is Samsung Bixby? How Bixby works Bixby is designed to let you carry out a full range of interactions, rather than launching an app, for example, or carrying out a single task. Wake word For those using the "Hi Bixby" wake word, you'll can talk to your device using natural language as you might do with Google Assistant. What Bixby can do? Bixby Voice One of the main aims of Bixby is to deal with increasingly complicated devices.

Say "use this as my wallpaper" to saves the onscreen image as your phone wallpaper.