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2. Make it your own

I report on technology. And I got hacked. To make it easier to understand How to Find my device Tools we have written this guide. Samsung has its own system to help you find your Phone using your ID. This service can help you access remotely feature on your device. You can access your device, locate location and that location will appear on Google Map, you can also ring the phone to its full volume to find even its in silent mode.

Samsung Galaxy: GPS not tracking location accurately

You can also erase Data if you lose your phone, so no one can access or hack that. This service also helps you to access your Calls login and contacts remotely from anywhere. If Location is listed as a possible permission for this app and it's turned on, you can disable Location for this app by swiping the Location button to the left.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+: Fix Camera Grayed Out Tracking Auto Focus

If you don't want the Camera to have access to your location, for example, you can disable it in App permissions. This is the "nuclear option" — you can turn off location tracking for all apps at once.

How to turn off location tracking on a Samsung Galaxy S10 - Business Insider

If you do this, though, you won't be able to navigate with Google Maps or use other common location features on your phone. Find "Location" and swipe the button to the left to turn it off. This button denies location information to every app on your phone regardless of what permissions it has.