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A keylogger cell phone is your best tool when it comes to spying on your partners or even children. You can use it spy on their social media accounts such Facebook and Twitter to know who they are talking to and the topic of the conversation. The apps mostly run in the background, basically making a log of Snapchat exercises, as well as pretty much anything the user can do with their cell phone. The app unobtrusively gathers information out of sight and sends it to a server with the goal that it can be open in your account whenever.

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By introducing the tracker on the target telephone Huawei Honor View 10, you can remotely monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS messages, photographs sent and received. The tracking app intercepts text messages. Check and read all incoming and outgoing messages. Likewise, you can use the app to track MMS messages.

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Why not ask a friend if you can borrow their phone? Or, if you are at work, you could use a work computer. Either way, you will need internet access so that you can start the process. Step Three: accept the warnings Once you have logged in, you will see a message about location services and a warning not to try to retrieve your phone yourself if you think it has been stolen.

This is important for your personal safety — catching criminals is a task better left to law enforcement officers! Step Four: locate your phone You should now see a Google Maps screen showing you where your phone is located.

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Step Five: pick an option You can now choose what to do with your phone. You might need to enable 'lock and erase'.

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You can then make your phone ring for five minutes. This will be at full volume, even if the phone was set to silent or vibrate modes. You should also lock your phone. This works whether you use a PIN, pattern or password. If you are not so security conscious and have never set one, you can do that from Find my Device. You can display a message or alternative number on the lock screen, which gives anyone who finds your phone the opportunity to return it to you.

The nuclear option is to completely erase your phone. It is a good idea to do this if you do not think you will be able to get it back. If that is the case, this option makes sure that your data cannot fall into the wrong hands. Also read: [Tutorial] Lost Your Device? No Worries!

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