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No doubt the use of flash to lighten the subject and manual adjustment of exposure in Pro mode could improve results significantly, but that requires intervention from the photographer. Galaxy Note 8 images show bold color rendering in bright outdoor conditions, and although color under indoor or low-light conditions is very acceptable, some color casts in these conditions affected the overall color score. The Note 8 renders bright and vivid color in most lighting situations, with particularly bold hues when shooting in good light outdoors.

Although white balance is generally accurate and pleasant, a slight pink color cast is evident on some outdoor pictures. At 94, the Note 8 achieves an outstanding score for its autofocus performance.

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Scores are excellent for both static scenes Landscape and those with subject movement Family , achieving nearly the highest marks in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Focus is fast and accurate in low light, too, and although the odd failure crept in with subject movement in low light, the Note 8 remains a reliable device for sharp images in all conditions. Shooting times are also very fast, with only a very short delay under ms for the Note 8 to find focus from an out-of-focus state in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

Detail preservation is good in outdoor scenes, but sometimes fine details are lost in low-contrast areas. In bright outdoor conditions, texture preservation on moving subjects is good, if not excellent, with less detail under indoor conditions, and a significant loss of detail on moving subjects in extreme low light. Sharpness score for static scenes Landscape and scenes with subject movement Family in different lighting conditions.

The acutance sharpness graph clearly indicates that the most detail is preserved in static scenes Landscape in good light between 20 and Lux. A very good score for noise, which is excellent in both indoor and low light lighting conditions. Denoising is well-managed, with only some some residual luminance noise visible in darker shadow areas. Levels of visible noise are well-controlled on the Note 8 compared to the iPhone 8 Plus and the Google Pixel, with less luminance noise evident in both the highlight and shadow regions.

Noise performance in bright light is not quite as good as in low-light conditions, with some residual luminance noise visible in the shadow areas. Denoising is very well-managed under low-light conditions, but some residual luminance noise is quite visible in outdoor conditions in dark areas. Its key strengths are excellent exposure, as well as good color and texture.

Heavy vignetting, or corner shading, occurs both on flash-only shots and more heavily in mixed lighting conditions, resulting in fairly dark edges on flash pictures.

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Levels of detail are very good, but noise is evident, as well as a slight ghosting in some portrait pictures. White balance and color rendering are generally very good and consistent over consecutive shots, but some color shading does creep in. An excellent overall score for zoom, which is composed of individual scores in low light, indoor, and outdoor lighting conditions.

Using the x2 optical zoom via the 52mm telephoto lens, detail is excellent under both indoor and outdoor conditions and remains very good in extreme low light, too.


With x4 digital zoom, you can expect good detail in bright light and acceptable results for indoor shots. Bokeh simulation on the Note 8 does a pretty consistent job in both low and bright light conditions. Its strengths are a strong blur or depth-of-field effect, which can make for some striking portraits. The shape of the bokeh is a nice circular pattern, similar to what would be achieved optically with a telephoto lens and wide aperture.

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It also suggests ways to improve memory performance and keep the CPU operating at a cooler temperature. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the first Samsung handset to ship with a dual-lens camera. So, why not complement that with an app like Photo Editor. The free program gives users an array of photo-editing tools, including the ability to overlay graphics, set hair colors, add emojis, and much more. Those images can then be shared with friends via social media or chatting apps.

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