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The Pixel 3 is the smaller of the two new Google phones, with a 5. The frosted bit is etched glass, which is super smooth, but is surrounded by polished glass and coated metal sides that aid your grip.

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The combination feels wonderfully smooth and luxurious in the hand. This is a phone you will want to fondle. There are no other biometric security options, such as face unlock, despite the Pixel 3 having two front-facing cameras. The bottom of the phone has a USB-C port and a sim tray, while the right side volume button is joined by a mint green power button.

Operating system: Android 9. Battery life for the Pixel 3 is a moving target. Normally smartphones stabilise to a fairly consistent level after a couple of days of first starting them up. A couple of days later it scrapes through 24 hours, meaning it would make it from one morning alarm to the next without charging after a week of testing — the bare minimum that is acceptable in That was with consistent use as my primary device sending and receiving hundreds of emails, messages and push notifications, listening to five hours of music with Spotify on Bluetooth headphones, watching 30 minutes of Netflix and shooting about 10 photos a day.

A full charge via the included 18w fast charger took minutes. The Pixel 3 can also charge wirelessly at up to 10w, which is a little slower than via cable but still faster than some phones charge from their bundled chargers. The Pixel 3 runs the latest version of Android 9 Pie, which makes it one of only handful of phones to do so.

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The main advantages of Pie over previous versions are better notification handling, particularly around do not disturb DND modes, wellbeing tool integration for tracking usage and modes to deter usage, such as Wind Down, and great integration of AI systems. Google has also removed the traditional home and overview navigation buttons, replacing them by a pill-shaped gesture button in the middle and a small back arrow to the left.

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Tap it to go home, tap and hold to invoke Google Assistant, flick it upwards once to get to the app switcher or twice to get to the app drawer you can also go straight to the app drawer by dragging it further up the screen. Dragging the gesture button to the right turns it into a slider flicking between recently used apps as you move your finger across the bar.

Flicking the button to the right switches straight to the last used app in the same way a double-tap on the overview button used to. It is safe to say the Pixel 3 has one of the best, if not the best cameras available today. The rear megapixel camera is capable of capturing stunning images, rich in detail, vibrancy and dynamic range.

Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 3. Zoom to 10x on iPhone XS. Two selfie cameras adorn the front: a standard 8-megapixel camera joined but a wide-angle fixed focus camera allowing you to zoom out one step. The five apps all have different use cases that help to cut down on your smartphone usage, be more aware of your usage, or limiting notifications.

Once downloaded, it will appear as an option in your live wallpaper picker. Unlock Clock helps you consider your tech use, by counting and displaying the number of times you unlock your phone in a day. Simply download the wallpaper and get started. Instead of delivering them all at once, Post Box gathers your notifications through the day and delivers them in an organized way up to 4 times each day. You can see the process in action in the video below and download Post Box from the Play Store.

Post Box helps you minimise distractions, by holding your notifications until a time that suits you. The app takes every phone in the group and pairs them together. It seems like a clever way to keep the group accountable for their phones.

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We Flip is available on the Play Store. We Flip enables you to switch off from technology as a group, to spend quality time together. Simply wait for everyone to join, then flip the switch together to begin your session. The app takes over your smartphone and only includes shortcuts to the apps you need most such as the camera, a note-taking app, messages, and more. The apps listed are customizable by the user and then the app challenges users to stay like that for 24 hours.

Desert Island is available on the Play Store. Desert Island helps you find focus, by challenging you to go a day with only your essential apps.

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Simply pick the apps that are most important to you, then give it a go for 24 hours. It tries to deliver the right apps at the right time, such as displaying email, calendar, and document apps during work times. Morph is available on the Play Store. Morph helps you stay focused, by adapting your phone to what you are doing. Simply think about how you divide your time and choose the apps that are most important to you in each mode. Based on time or place, your phone will automatically adapt — giving you just the right apps at just the right time.

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  • You can even stick a credit card inside. Paper Phone is available on the Play Store. The app is available now on Google Play and the printable envelopes are available for download.

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    Many people feel that they spend too much time on their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology.