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At the same time, we are working internally to make sure ARCore integrates well with every model we certify to provide good experiences for users. The device is running the minimum Android version listed in table below If no version is listed, the device must be running Android 7.

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In addition to the ARCore supported devices list provided in the table below, you can download a detailed list of ARCore supported devices, which includes the following model-specific information:. Device model codes as returned by adb shell getprop ro. The following table summarizes supported models by manufacturer, noting any model-specific restrictions. In China, devices do not ship with the Google Play Store.

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Support for specific features depends on the ARCore feature and the version of the device, as follows:. Cloud Anchors: Cloud Anchors are not supported on iOS devices that are older than the devices in the following list. Augmented Faces: Augmented Faces may work on iOS devices that are older than the devices in the following list, but may not operate at the required frame rates for live AR use cases. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Discover Develop Distribute Reference Community. See Fundamental Concepts for more details.

This will make the stolen mobile phone render less. But, if you decide locate your mobile phone yourself; there are a number of services or software available on the web. There are also many free software available. You can search the web for other free tracking devices for your mobile number. There are also apps that are sold specifically to locate phone such as Seekdroid. However, by using the IMEI number, your operator usually can do the tracking for you. Usually your network operator will ask for a police report before they can do the tracking of your mobile phone.

So, lodge a police report and then give your mobile phone IMEI to the operator. Once, they have tracked the location of your phone, it is advisable that you should notify the police and let them do their job in retrieving it.

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Do not put yourself in danger. Disclaimer:- This article provides information on how to track your phone using IMEI by various external methods. We do not provide any services or products to track your phone using IMEI. Itel s31 Imei Please help me to locate a lost phone of My brothers phone.

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Please help me to find my phone with this IMEI no. It was stolen last week in my house.

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Dear sir, I have lost my mobile Samsung J5 at around 3:pm on dated 11march Sunday. Pls help me to find out this mobile.

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  6. Contact No: Dear sir,my IMEI no. My phone has lost galaxy j7max So pls contact me.

    Sallu gmail. MY name muktar biswas , I lost my mobile on , at Please help to find my mobile, detail are below..

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    Please kindly help me to find it… contanct number deena