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Samsung Galaxy A80 Review - Amazing Phone, Don't Buy!

Go to Correct Answer. This article above explains some of what i mentioned in this post and another post regarding the A70 only. My device compatability question is not only due to price but device capability. I left the specs in the post. It seem as if you must buy devices from Verizion or only devices Verizion says it's ok to have on the network.

Samsung's Galaxy A80 is mad phone design at its best, and it's coming in July

For large families these outraguos flagship prices are not consumer friendly. Wealthy or not.

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Looks like i'll either have to settle for the A50 or buy the Note 9. View solution in original post. The A70 is the phone your customers want. The A50 is too close to a cheap track phone compared to the A The specs on the A70 smash the A Step up Verizon and deal with Samsung and give the prepaid customers something worth buying. If not we will keep replacing parts on old phones like I have been doing a lot n my old Moto z play.

It still specs way better than anything in the cash price options available today. You must have an already active sim card from a Verizon phone. Once you have that you can simply put your activated sim card in the A70 and it will work. Now that is useful information. There's leaks that the A70 is finally coming to Verizon!

Hope that comes true. I wouldn't call that a leak. It's more like a leap, or wishful thinking. It's unlikely there will be 2 mid range phones with similar specs. Verizon already has 2 slightly lower range. The A70 is too close to the S series, and might put a dent in the flagship sales.

I would be delighted to be wrong, but I would put money on being right.

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No Verizon specialist has responded to my question here regarding the A series in a prior post. I have not gotten an answer in stores or phone via customer service. Most have no idea there are other A series phones above the A Through further inquiries i found the A70 is available in the U. The A80 has not been U. I also found Verizon will be marketing lower tier A series devices such as the A20 and A I don't want either of these devices.

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I want to replace a device on my account with the A These are the specs for the A Asking a Verizon specialist that is aware of device compatibility to respond. Making sure you have a device you enjoy is important.

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 is currently a device that we sell. What has you looking at these other devices Samsung A70 and the Samsung A80 , rather than ones that we currently sell? I reviewed " what's in the box " for the Samsung A I noticed there is no case or headsets that come in the box with the A50 purchase at Verizon. The glass-clad phone is certainly quite large and heavy, with the 6.

The Super AMOLED display with aspect ratio is very capable too, offering vivid colours, deep blacks, ample brightness levels and wide viewing angles. The phone uses screen sound tech to relay call audio, with the result that callers tend to sound a tad hollow and the volume seems low as compared to phones with regular earpieces. Coming to its headlining feature, the Galaxy A80 boasts a special mechanism for its pop-up cameras. The camera module utilises an innovative teeth, rail and hook mechanism that requires only one motor.

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Moreover, said fingerprint scanner is a tad iffy too, and not the most accurate or fastest out there. Available shooting modes include Live focus for bokeh , Pro, Night, slow-mo and hyperlapse, among others. On paper, these specs and features look great, especially when you consider that the same setup can be used for regular photography as well as for capturing selfies. And the Galaxy A80 does deliver, especially in daylight shots. Images captured in daylight look good across different shooting scenarios, including landscapes, close-ups etc.

The live focus mode churns out decent images though, and even allows you to change the level of background blur, and post shooting, add various effects.

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And when it comes to low light, the results are acceptable, but again, the detail seems to be missing. Using the night mode does help to some extent, but you need to keep your hand really steady to avoid blurry images. In theory, the same analysis should apply to selfies too, since the same camera setup handles shooting at the front as well. Inexplicably, Samsung chose to disable the autofocus when the camera flips to the front initially. However, a recent software update has enabled autofocus for the selfie mode, and post that, the output quality for shots captured with the snapper facing the front has improved.

You get both live focus as well as wide-angle options for selfies, and again, the images look good as far as the light conditions are good, but fail to impress in low light.