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It's built very sturdy. Like the feeling of the glass curving into the metal case similar to iphone 6s. The plastic back doesn't really bother me like it has some reviewers on youtube.

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To me it makes the phone easier to hold. I am known to be clumsy with my phones so i also bought the zte case which i'll review separately. The fingerprint sensor works great. Just as good as my old Galaxy s6. The screen looks nice and i can see it fine in direct sunllight. It doesn't get as bright as my Samsung but its still very viewable when outdoors. I immediately put a custom launcher on it as im used to using Nova launcher on my android phones anyways. I've noticed Add to cart.

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So, my lonnnngg nightmare is over. If you have read my other phone reviews you understand why. This is the 4th phone I purchased for myself on the past 14 months. I didn't want to pay for a high end phone so I tried several. The ZTE is the best of the Androids so far. The screen is very nice, not great, but hey its a phone.

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Its a little smaller than the Lenovo I had and that is a mild downer, but not a biggie. My larger fingers have to pause before typing but your results may differ as they say. The sound is very crisp and easy to hear even driving thru the carwash.

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Response times on the net See All Buying Options. In Stock. I placed my sim card and I got no signal. It will then read the sim card. Look at the top left hand corner of my screenshot. It shows simcards T-Mobile sign. Hope this helped. Alternatively, contact our Authorised Service Centre Telegistics , check the Telegistics website for locations and details. Support Forum. Please register to gain access to FAQs, discussion boards and to search the forum for specific issues. Are you having trouble with updating a handset by FOTA Firmware over the Air , then check out the following link to learn more about FOTA and what you can do to make it work on your device.

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Please note that support is only provided for ZTE manufactured devices. Or if your device is an Android based device, check your Software Update application for any device firmware updates. Have you power cycled your device turn off and on again in attempt to resolve any experienced issues?

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Toggle navigation. ZTE Customer Support We provide support for all our devices locally to ensure you get the help that you need. Phone not working? With those specs and Android 6. Multitasking had no major issues either. The ZMax Pro could easily hold a few apps in memory without constantly reloading and most casual games performed quite well. Benchmarks can be found below.

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Performance on the sensor is also great. Despite being on a low-cost phone, the sensor is still accurate and fast. I feel the size of the sensor allows for a more accurate reading.

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As previously mentioned, the ZMax Pro ships with Android 6. The settings menu, homescreen, and most of the stock applications are all unaltered from what you would see on a Nexus device, which is awesome. One thing that did take away a few points on this device was the bloatware however. It never happened while I was actively using the phone, but it was still pretty annoying to come back to the phone and find a huge ad. The display on this device, despite being a TFT panel, is actually very impressive. I could easily use it indoors or out with no problems as all.

Colors are good, perhaps a bit washed out, and viewing angles are shockingly good. With that however comes a note once again regarding its size. This panel is massive. The biggest problem with nearly every budget phone is the camera.