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The difference is particularly noticeable in comparison to the Wiko View 3 Pro. Storage can be expanded thanks to the microSD card reader, which reaches average read and write rates using our reference card, the Toshiba Exceria Pro M The results are very similar to the competition. Its performance is sufficient to display modern games at low to medium settings. Only " Asphalt 9: Legends " showed noticeable judders occasionally. The touchscreen responds reliably while gaming and the high resistance of the screen surface can become a little uncomfortable on the fingertips. The gyroscope can also be used to control certain games reliably.

This makes the Android phone feel warm but never too hot to hold. We did not notice any limitations that could have been caused by high temperatures during testing. The speaker of the Blade V10 reaches a comparably high volume and the focus of the sound spectrum is on highs. These characteristics emit voice nicely and clearly, but are not ideal for listening to music of watching series.

We would recommend headphones or external speakers for these situations, which you can connect via Bluetooth 4. The jack is nice and tight and does not have a negative impact on sound quality. This is average for today's comparison devices and around 19 percent below the average of all smartphones we have tested. The included charger has a rated output of 7. The Blade V10 scored an average rate in our comparison field. However, the Android phone has difficulty setting itself apart from its competition.

The performance of the back camera is average and fulfils the expectations of a mid-range smartphone. System performance is mostly average as well. This leaves the advertised MP selfie cam, which takes good portrait pictures, but basically turns out to be the device's only distinguishing feature. The ZTE Blade V10 scores high points in terms of contrast and a good selfie camera but is still only an average mid-range smartphone in the end.

The Blade V10 does offer a high-contrast display with slightly above-average brightness as well. The battery life is what you would expect from a mAh battery and there are no real issues here. The Blade V10 is a decent, reliable smartphone that will not disappoint its users - but it will not surprise them either. Mediatek Helio P ZTE homepage. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. ZTE Blade V Top: microphone, 3. GPS test indoors. GPS test outdoors. Telephone and Voice Quality - good connection on the Blade V Cameras - smartphone with strong selfie camera.

Photo taken with front camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images.

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Canon EOS 70 D. Samsung Galaxy J6. Xiaomi Mi 9. ColorChecker Passport. ZTE Blade V10 - test chart full resolution. ZTE Blade V10 - test chart detail. ZTE Blade V10 - test chart low light full resolution.

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Accessories and Warranty. Buyers of the Blade V10 are given a month warranty. Display - large screen and good contrast. Subpixel array. X-Rite i1Pro 2. CalMAN - color accuracy. CalMAN - color space. CalMAN - grayscales. CalMAN - saturation. Outdoor use. Viewing angle stability.

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Performance - mid-range smartphone with average performance. Geekbench 4. Jetstream 2 Speedometer 2. Games - Blade V10 for modest gamers. Arena of Valor. Shadow Fight 3. Asphalt 9: Legends. Emissions - ZTE smartphone hardly heats up. GFXBench - Manhatten 3. Power Supply max. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4.

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    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Mar 21, 2 0 0. Apr 6, 25, , 12, If the SD card was changed to "Internal" rather than the standard "External" storage, things should automatically save to the card. However you have to be running at least Android "Marshmallow", be running a phone that the manufacturer hasn't restricted the option on, and use the instructions I am including here to change it to "Internal".

    If that was not done, then it wouldn't make the card "Internal" storage.

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    Now, you can, without the card being made "Internal", save photos, music, etc. All you have to do for that is to change the setting in the individual app camera, browser, etc. Or, if they are files being put on the device from say a computer, then you would just save the files to the SD card rather than the phone.

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    However, the stuff I mentioned before is what is required to make the card "Internal" which is the only way to have apps download direct to the card and run from it. The card becomes "Internal", but apps just moved do not clear off the original storage. The only way to have them no longer be there would be to uninstall them and then reinstall them direct to the card after the change. It needs to be blank because when the card is converted to "Internal" storage, it will be formatted wiped and encoded making the cards data only readable by that device.

    Your SD Card will now be formatted as internal storage. Reboot your phone. NOTE: If you don't reboot the phone, many things may not work correctly, so make sure you do.

    Nothing could work better than such intense memory storage. If we look at the battery, mAh seems very powerful but it all comes down to the usage. The battery was something they could have worked more upon since it is dual-screen and would take much more power than this.

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    Otherwise, it works fine overall. The biggest downside of being a smartphone is that it has no selfie camera.