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Play Video. As a parent, our Viber tracker feature is an effective tool for monitoring what your child is being exposed to. As an employer, you can track how employees spend their work hours and how careful they are with confidential business information. Once FlexiSPY is installed on the target device, it can run invisibly in the background to collect the information that you need to protect your children and business.

It is easy on battery life arousing no suspicion and begins monitoring automatically. As a parent, you may feel concerned about what your child is exposed to daily through Viber. Who are they chatting with and what is being discussed? As much as their phone is a useful tool, it can pose a threat to their safety or become a source of negative influence to them.

With FlexiSPY, you can be on top of all that is going on in their lives.

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Are your employees not completing their tasks on time? Are you suspicious of how they are spending their time at work? The latest in all this is the grooming of children for sexual exploitation. In this blog , we will talk about what is grooming, sexual exploitation, how these are linked and how Viber is the target of culprits who exploit the children.

In the end, we will discuss how parents can take good measures to prevent grooming and sexual exploitation to keep their children safe and protected. According to the studies, grooming is to prepare teens and kids for sexual conduct at a later time. Reports and research studies have been done on the grooming and sexual exploitation of children. This has a long history which is not our area of focus. The most alarming factor is that teens and kids do not know they are being groomed for sexual exploitation. They take it something else. It becomes pertinent to explain the serious issue with examples.

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Below are a few of the examples which let you understand what grooming really is and how it is done. As we have talked about grooming and some of the examples, now it is important to understand the process of grooming. Below points explain what kind of methods is used when it comes to grooming. Want to know the signs if your child is being groomed for sexual exploitation?

Let us explore the indicators. Viber is one of the widely used social media apps. It works like WhatsApp and has almost the same features. This app is widely used among teens and kids for communication. It allows users to talk to others, send images, make audio and video calls and share files. Even, reports say Viber has led to the increase in cybersex trafficking at an alarming rate. There is no doubt that there are many effects of bad parenting on teens. When parents do not know about technology and keep eyes on their children, such things happen.

Viber is used by the people who are looking for their targets. They talk to teens and girls through this app.

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It is easy to use. The discussion above shows that grooming is one of the most dangerous things which can occur to any child or teen. For this reason , it becomes necessary to control it and prevent the children from being groomed.

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Following are some of the suggestions which parent can take in this regard. The first and most important step is to find out if your child is being groomed. We have listed a number of signs which can help you identify this issue. In case, your child is being groomed , you should process further. The next step should be to talk to your kids about grooming.

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As you talk, try to see if you can identify any of the signs mentioned above. Kids will try to hide everything so you should be ready for this. If you get proof and find something authentic, you should report the issue to the police. However, it can be a dangerous step. It will also affect the life of your child and the perpetrators will be behind you and target you.

If you see everything has failed and you could not know whether your child is being groomed or not, you should not lose hope. We have a solution for this. And that is BlurSPY app. With this android spying , you can find if your child is being used for sexual relationships. The app lets you monitor the phone of your child, spy on their text messages , check Viber app chat and messages, get access to the images and media, monitor their internet history and other stuff.

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With these proofs , you will find everything clearly. It is a perfect solution for parents. Grooming is on the rise and kids are being used for sexual exploitation. Parents should take note, identify if their kids are being groomed and use BlurSPY app to track it out.

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By Melissa Limaa. There is so much online for teens to spend hours without getting bored.

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With the passage of time, social Nowadays, every second dad or mom is worried about their kids. The reason is the teens these days What is grooming? This very general definition says a lot of things. The first point to understand is that kids are prepared. Who prepares them?