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The app is available on iOS and Android devices. This application packs loads of features and there is no wonder why it is so popular. It lets you easily share the screen, files, and apps. It has a virtual whiteboard where you can jot down the discussion points. WebEx has a free version which allows up to 3 participants at a time. VSee is a rather fuss-free video calling application, well suited to serve as Skype alternative on many occasions.

It uses a built-in compression technology, which reduces the video size considerably before broadcasting. This is why it is a good choice for the areas where the internet connection is slow. In fact, this app was initially designed to provide make the free medical consultation available in the remote areas. While it is still being used as a Tele-health application, you can still do a lot more with it.

VSee can be used for making personal and professional video calls. It has both free and paid plan. The free version lets you make the unlimited conference calls but restricts the number of participants. If you use Skype primarily for audio calling and are looking for an alternative, UberConference could be a great choice. This application does not support video calling but is extensively used as an audio conferencing tool.

UberConfernce has a very easy to use interface. The elements are laid out well and you will get accustomed to it rather quickly. This program is available in both free and paid version. The free version is good enough for most users as it lets you conference with up to 10 people at a time. You can make unlimited calls with a free account.

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If you have a paid account, you will be able to connect to up to callers simultaneously. If you are an organizer, you need No PIN. With paid plans, even the participants need No PIN. UberConference integrates various social media tools allowing you to broadcast or share the conference over Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. GoTo line of conferencing and communication tools have established immense credibility among the users.

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GoToMeeting is the most viable alternative to Skype as it lets you make video calls to a group of people. It is considered as one of the best conferencing tools these days. This tool lets you conduct a video conference with up to 25 participants at a time. You can conduct an unlimited number of meetings. The app lets you share the screens easily and packs many more useful features.

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  6. You can draw on the screen and share files without any hassles. However, those who need to regularly use a conferencing tool find its complete value for money. GoToMeeting does not have a free plan but you can use the full-featured application free for one month. Amazon Chime is a fairly new online meeting and web conferencing tool. But, people have already started taking notice. Chime is available in three versions, Free, Plus and Pro. The free version lets you make one to one video calls and is akin to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts.

    You can also send text and picture messages. Besides the Free plan features, it also packs a number of advanced functionality.

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    You can conduct an online video meeting with up to two participants excluding you. While it may not be the best plan for video conferencing, it suits the needs of small businesses well that have to interact with limited clients.

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    This plan also offers 1 GB of cloud storage for to save call logs and messages. This plan lets you add up to participants in a web conference same as more expensive WebEx and GoToMeeting. Chime is available for free for a day trial period. We like Voca for a variety of reasons. We have found it a suitable alternative to Skype. Voca lets you make free video calls to the users also using Voca.

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    It also lets you call mobile and landline phone numbers using VoIP at low per minute rates. The only drawback is that Voca does not have a web-based or desktop client.

    You cannot use it on your computer. It is only available on mobile devices iOS and Android. Nevertheless, if you like making video calls on your handheld smart devices, you will love Voca for its interface and ease of use. Users can easily switch SIM card from one mobile set to another. The Operating System manages and controls the functions of the hardware components of the computing device.

    User Interface UI UI or user interface f human—machine interaction of a device is the look and feel of the on-screen menu system. How it works, its color scheme, how it responds to button presses, all of these things are part of the user interface. Social Network FB Facebook its no 1 popular free social networking site which allows users to create a free account and adds your friends or family in your social list to chat with them, upload photos, videos, video chat and send messages via the internet and keep in touch with friends,Each Smartphone supports Facebook app.

    Video-Sharing Youtube Youtube is a popular free video-sharing website, Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world, Millions of users around the world have created accounts on the site that allow them to upload videos that anyone can watch. Microblogging Twitter Twitter is global microblogging social media website, you can use twitter application on your smartphone, tablet.

    Microblogging is a broadcast medium that exists in the form of blogging. A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregated file size. Picture format Picture format Supported by device. Alert Types Alert types are types of sound which notify the users when someone sends notifications like a phone call, message, email etc.

    Sound Sound. Audio Output for external sound using headset.

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    Wi-Fi Micro USB 2. Bluetooth Type, Model Bluetooth is wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, personal computers and other network devices over brief distances without wiring, Bluetooth technology was mostly designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices. Yes Bluetooth v4. Near Field Communication NFC NFC stands for Near field communication is a set of short-range wireless communication standards for smartphones and similar computing devices to establish peer-to-peer P2P radio communications with each other by touching them together.

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    It works on smaller range around 10cm. Infrared IR Infrared IR connectivity is an old wireless technology which uses an infrared light to transfer information between two electronic devices over short-range. It provides data speed up to 40 kbps which enable mobile devices to access the internet at a Similar speed of dial-up modem and it is used for wireless data transfer like sharing pictures, text, video or browse the internet via mobile phone connection.

    A good device always supports faster data speed. Multimedia Messaging Service MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and it is used for sending multimedia message from one device to another device such as audio clips, video clips, images, text. The user can send text messages, images, and other attachments to the recipient using the internet.

    You can create your account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other without any cost and its necessary to receive any message over internet and email address is unique to each user. IM Instant Messaging IM stands for Instant Messaging is an exchange of text messages through a software application in real time, it enable users to create a kind of private chat room for example Yahoo! Messenger and Apple's iChat with another user in order to communicate in real time over the Internet.

    Capacity in mAh Battery Capacity which measure typically in Amp-hr which tells users that how much of the charge stored by the battery.