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Another noteworthy improvement is the redesigned S Pen slot, which prevents you from inserting the stylus upside down and getting it stuck. Believe it or not, a lot of people did this with the Note 5 last year. It caused quite a fuss.

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I have no complaints about Gorilla Glass 5 yet. That makes photos, videos, games and just about everything else even prettier. It also makes the Note 7 easier to use outside on a sunny day. The display is also much more enjoyable to use in dark environments, thanks to its ability to become incredibly dim when you want it to. A blue light filter makes nighttime reading more comfortable and helps you sleep better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: Possibly the most complete smartphone ever made

The Note 7 is almost identical to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge internally. That means you get the same Snapdragon processor if you live in the United States, or an Exynos if you live elsewhere. Performance is not quite perfect, though. Another thing the Note 7 has taken from the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is their cameras. In a nutshell, the Note 7 shoots stunning photos and spectacular 4K video.

Every picture you snap will be sharp and beautifully colorful, with great contrast and color accuracy. And thanks to that wider aperture, even low-light performance is impressive. Thanks to insanely fast autofocus, you can home in on your subject in a fraction of a second.

Samsung has made some nice improvements to its camera app for the Note 7.

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Simple swipe gestures give you access to the various shooting modes and filters available; handy toggles in the viewfinder let you adjust settings like HDR and flash. On a couple of days, I had to top up before bedtime arrived.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 home screen

These were the days when I used the Note 7 more than I normally would, mostly to test features and functions for this review. One of the reasons many Note fans keep returning to the series is the excellent S Pen.

With the Note 7, the S Pen is vastly improved. Taking notes with the S Pen is fun. Doing sketches to pass the time is even better. The S Pen can also be used to translate text now. It also offers advantages on a device like the Note 7. It still uses guady squircles for icons you can turn this off for non-Samsung apps , but at least they now use a more flat design instead of the old gradients.

The settings menu is now a simple list, and the notification shade behaves more similarly to stock Android, without horizontal scrolling.

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You can uninstall or disable most of them too. Honestly, the worse thing about TouchWiz nowadays the set of terrible, still all-white emoji.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is too much

You can theme everything else, why not the emoji? The translation feature is something straight out of a sci-fi novel, allowing you to translate between various languages instantly by hovering over words. Unfortunately, the execution is a bit less exciting in practice.

While it works quickly, you can only translate individual words, which severely limits its usefulness if you were trying to read an article or have a conversation with someone in another language. That could be fixed with a software update, but it seems like a huge oversight as is. Whereas before you could take out the S Pen and immediately start writing on your phone without unlocking the device, the Note 7 one-ups it with an always-on display. That means your notes are displayed permanently without having to turn on the phone to view them, which I can see coming very in handy for shopping lists and the like.

For the first time, you can use a Note phone like a real notepad. And unlike before, you can scroll through to have an infinite amount of space to write notes, rather than just what fits on your screen. But my favorite new feature is the GIF maker. The screen capture tool lets you select a portion of your display that you want to save as an animation with the S-Pen, tap record, and then save. You can either save to your gallery or share, and you can even edit the GIFs frame by frame and set them to different qualities.

I will be sharing all the GIFs. The suite of S Pen and TouchWiz tweaks make the Note 7 an incredibly powerful mobile productivity tool. To give you an idea; I wrote this section of the review on the Note 7 while switching back and forth between my scribbled outline and our CMS using the glance feature. The iris scanner is the flashiest new touch. Of course, Samsung could have done the same with a password, but this is faster, and we all know how terrible people are at choosing passwords. The only difference here is in a slightly streamlined app.

You can now swipe down to access the selfie cam, or left and right to change modes or filters, respectively. The G5 has a heavier skin, but is still lighter on customization than Samsung, and feels ever-so-slightly faster as well. That feels like something that can be fixed with an update. Battery life, on the other hand, pulls ahead of most other flagships. Finally, the phone of course has quick charging and wireless charging! A full charge takes aabout an hour and 45 minutes from empty. When I reviewed the Note 5, I thought it was the best big phone you could buy at the time.