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You can quickly find out whether or not your smartphone is Galileo-compatible by visiting www. When a device is equipped with a Galileo-enabled chip, the phone works with standard applications, such as Google Maps and other location-based services. With Galileo, the positioning information provided by smartphones is more accurate and reliable particularly in urban environments where narrow streets and tall buildings can block satellite signals and limit the usefulness of many mobile services.

Whether using your phone to find a new restaurant, get to a meeting on time, or navigate to a nearby parking garage, Galileo is working to provide you with the best possible location information. You must request permission before you use any of the photographs on the site.

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How to: Enable GPS and Other Location Services [Beginners’ Guide]

Nice touches on this phone are the heart rate sensor, missing from the M5 Note, and the infrared proximity sensor. The reworked phone finding assistant is useful. You can make your eyes larger, slim your face or brighten your skin before taking the image. I really liked the improved Hi-Fi on this model.

The phone is much louder than then M5 Note. The sound is clear, and loud whether using the inbuilt speaker or the 2nd generation Solo earphone circuit.

Free Meizu M9 Free Mobile Phone Tracker - TraceSaver Software Download

Although there is a space for earphones in the box - they are not included. Access to the device is through a keypad, or a finger print sensor which remembers five fingerprints. Like the M5 Note, there is also guest access to the phone which can be enabled if required. I noticed that I could run more apps simultaneously on this phone compared to the M5 Note.

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This engine can adjust system performance according to user preference. It says that the engine can identify users' favourite apps and designate extra resources to make the apps run more smoothly.

News about Meizu MX6

I did not see any app hogging the memory during my testing. According to the statistics from IC Insights, Meizu is the world's 11th largest mobile phone manufacturer in terms of unit sales. The quality, and improvement of each device I have reviewed so far tell me that Meizu is set to capture more market share with each model release. If you want a top end phone with all of the features, performance and smooth looks, then this Pro 6 Plus could meet your every need. As you read the screen that talks about these location services, one that mentions GPS tracking, locations, and the accessing of information you may not want the world to know on a minute-by-minute basis, you may skip right over it, hoping to reconsider activating them later.

How to track your meizu device from anywhere in the world

And you know what, there is nothing wrong with that. But in case you do that, we figured you should probably know how to turn them back on, as many of the applications you use will be crippled if location services are not turned on. With your location information, apps like Google Maps can correctly pin-point your location to then help you find traffic information, see nearby places, and most importantly, navigate you from one location to another.