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At last, you can see a control panel on your computer. After successfully subscribed the service, you will get a download link, simply download and setup the PanSpy app. Login in with your PanSpy account and authorize PanSpy to access data on the monitored Oppo device according to the instructions. Once you completed all process, you can choose to delete the app icon or keep it on the homescreen.

Select ' Locations ' option and you can view the current location and previous spot of the Oppo device. You can monitor other operations did on Oppo device in real time as well. All supported features are listed on the panel so that you can click each category to view the data you want.

Thankfully, Find my phone is one of the best features on phone that helps you track your mobile phone. In order for it to work, you need to sign in your Google account and turn on Location Service on your phone.

You can also mark certain contacts as VIP contacts. The calls from VIP contacts will ring even when your phone is on silent. This should ensure that you never miss an important call. To split the screen in two, just swipe Up not down with three fingers. You can now choose another app that you wish to open in the bottom half simultaneously.

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Next, tap the screenshot preview at the bottom. You can use two Jio SIM cards on the phone.

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These are some of the useful Oppo F7 tips and tricks that you can benefit from. The Color OS has settings for all system apps like dialer, messages, camera, etc. Clubbed in the main settings menu. You can scroll down to the bottom of settings menu to access them. Nokia 7 Plus Review — Is it worth Rs 26,? Hi when i set my lock on my phone oppo F7 i use face and fingerprint lack, but still my phone can be open. Battery is becoming less, but this is after 1,5 or 2,5 years.

İ use it really intensively.

Activate and use Find My Device

İ had always troubles with Samsung. Oppo is better in my opinion. Oppo F7 can only use 2 different application together in dual. Huawei's flagship smartphone.

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Features a unibody case and dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. William williambrooks Hi, Are these calls from people you know? Are these people listed in your phone's Contacts app? If they are not listed it should display the number of the caller. Not sure if the above is applicable to you though as it may vary as to where you are i. Not certain if where you are that calling number display for mobile phones is a subscription service or not.

Turn on Location Service

Contacts and number are on the phones contacts app, it was displaying the callers name and number but I think I accidentaly changed a setting somewhere and now all the calls come in as unknown. Would it help if I restore it to the factory setting? But if I do that i'm gonna loose some info and apps? Problem solved - contact your service provider and ask them to enable calls to be seen on your screen. Only they can do this.

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It comes up unknown when I get a call. Is it the dim causing problem.

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Show 3 more comments. If they say that there is no problem at their end and you have to do a reset do the following before you perform the reset. I did say to backup the phone first so that you would have "saved"all your data and downloaded apps etc, and then could have restored it back to what it was, using the backup, after you tested if it worked OK or not in factory default mode. Back up phone then reset to factories restore if u did this would you not have anything left on your phone phone cause u backed up everything on the same phone I only have this oppo phone and all of a sudden the incoming calls came up as unknown all my incoming calls come up unknown how do I fix it so I can see who's calling me thanks.

When you have done the factory restore, test that it works OK in factory default mode and then restore the phone to what it was before you did the factory restore by using the backup that you made earlier. Aaron Cooke.

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The best way is not to answer and look up their number on White Pages to see if its been flagged as a scammer. Rufus Carlson rufuscarlson. You didn't describe your problem clearly and completely but I understood your problem.

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I had the same issue and was able to resolve it. Search for the phone on this list and click on it. After clicking select the clear data button. If your problem is not resolved by these steps then I would suggest you to go through the reverse phone lookup services. With the help of this services, you can easily get all the details of the unknown caller.