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Simi Studio. Replace hardware power button with software button to lock the screen. Assistive Touch for Android Light Style. Phreak is short for phone phreak, a hacker of the telephone system. A phreak, or a phreaker is someone who wants to learn about the telephone system. Some people who claim to be phreaks are thieves who do nothing but rip off long distance service. Others are only interested in sneaky tricks and screwing other people.

A phreak is not someone who destroys phone property if it's not necessary for the advancement of their knowledge of said system. Boxing and other ways of hacking the telco does not make someone a phreak. Being a phreak is a way of life. There are many different views on what is a phreak, so two people may call themselves "phreaks" yet have two totally different view points. Even though Seuss maintains and edits the alt. If you would like something added, changed, or if you just have a suggestion, we invite you to email me at Seuss Cryogen.

Your comments will greatly improve the quality of the FAQ. Welcome to the phone phreak underground. We're a fairly decent, not overly judgmental pack, as you'll see if you stick around long enough. You're new here, so try and remember that newbie phone phreaks are a dime-a-dozen.

How to Use Your Phone as a Magnifying Glass

As much as we'd like to see you stay, coming in with a bad attitude won't help you any. Just remember to be polite and say please and thank you and that you're in absolutely no position to rag on someone for asking what seems like an obvious question to you now. We only tell you to RTFM because we love you. Finally please try and keep your sense of humor, it will help enormously.

The first mistake you'll make as a newbie is to assume that everyone will jump to spoon-feed you answers.

That only happens in books and movies. Lots of us really DO want to help you, but we have better things to do than tutor your ass non-stop. First and foremost, try and learn as much as you can about phreaking by yourself. Visit as many related web pages as possible, read books about telephony and experiment. If you hit a snag along the way then by all means ask for help, but for the love of Christ don't go to alt. Also, don't get discouraged if you get flamed and everyone calls you a lamer. Good question, but let's start with what NOT to read.

Ignore the anarchist's cookbook. The phreaking information in it is so dated as to be useless and everything else is dangerously wrong. The BIOC files are probably older than you are It's tough to find phreaks in the same state, let alone the same place in a foreign country. One place to look is in 's meeting section to see if there are any meetings in your area.

Check question 13 for foreign phreak websites. Excercise your own common sense. Toll fraud is stealing and is very illegal. If you're caught ripping off phone service you'll probably be prosecuted. After that, what is and isn't legal is still rather vague when it comes to hacking and phreaking. Whether you get in trouble depends on where you live, who you're pissing off, and what you're doing. For example we've seen kids get kicked out school for just having certain texts in their possession. If you respect property and just keep a bunch of text files on your computer then you should be fine.

If you go out and tap someone's phone you could get in a lot of trouble. Your local police will probably just tell you to stop, mainly because they don't know what you're doing. However, the Secret Service can just make stuff up and charge you with anything. Some states actually have laws making some methods of phreaking illegal.

For instance, there are trashing laws in certain areas and scanning has been outlawed in Colorado.

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Also remember that phone company installations including wiring cabinets are private property, and Bell is awfully touchy about trespassing. A PBX is a private phone switch used by large companies and other institutions that require a flexible internal phone system such as college campuses or big office buildings. PBXs are the devices that ask you to dial an extension or operator when you connect to them.

For more in-depth answers check the entry for switch.


These numbers allow them to call up, seize an outbound line and make their call on the PBX owner's tab. When you connect to it and input a pass code you seize an outbound trunk of that PBX. DISA port attention tone. Unlike most systems exploited by phreaks, a WATS extender is designed to be used for making phone calls without directly billing the caller.

The most common incarnation of extenders today is the dialup used for prepaid phonecards.

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These things are dangerous and should be treated with care. Voicemail is a sort of bulk answering machine. Its effectively a small computer that will record phone messages, and often allow for more advanced features like forwarding of messages etc. Among the standard user boxes are administrator boxes, privileged accounts that allow for the creation and deletion of boxes, changing of routing features, etc.

The specific techniques used for hacking voice mail boxes varies from system to system. However, the general procedure is to dial up a voice mail system, input a box number, and guess at the pass code usually with a wardialer. Once the box is cracked it can be taken over the outgoing message and pass code changed , the messages spied on, dialed out from by inputting the correct commands, or new accounts can be created from administrative boxes.

It is a service feature in which the directory or equipment number of a calling station read as? Numbers receiving realtime ANI are connected to their CO or toll center via digital trunks which send data packets back and forth. The 'I' in the MF sequence represents the information digit. Some ANI subscribers get a call record at of the end of the month that lists all their incoming calls. Think of it as beefed up caller ID. A 'dark call' indicates an ANI failure. ONI Operator Number Identification is when a live operator asks you for the phone number you're calling from.

Now, certain unscrupulous people could tell the operator that they were from a number other than the one they were actually calling from An ANAC number refers to a number that you call that tells you what number you're calling from. This has a variety of uses. Lineman call them to find out the number of the line they are working on. Phreaks use them when they are beige boxing for the same reason. There are a million other uses for the things. ANAC numbers are different in all areas. Try to find your local ANAC and use that one.