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The exercise circle shows the progress to your goal over 24 hours by type and intensity. Tap the circle to see your weekly exercise trends in a graph.

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  7. You can also add logs manually. Tips are shown according to your lifestyle and exercise patterns. Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Please note that LG Health is intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Reviews Review Policy. You can setting app notifications by touching and holding the notification. Turning off notifications may limit some features.

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    LG TV Plus. Enabling comfort view will reduce the amount of blue light emitted from the screen of your device. Bold Text Changing the text to bold will increase the thickness of individual letters and may help some users be able to read the text on their device easier. Customize Icons Change the shape of icons on your device by choosing either Original or Rounded Square.

    Change the look of any app icon by selecting from 55 different pre-loaded icons from the icon gallery, or create a custom icon with an image of your choice. Always on Display When activated, the Always-on display is designed to stay on except when the device is facing down or when it's in a pocket. Customize Always-on display to automatically turn off at a set time ever day. Screen Color Inversion For people with difficulty perceiving colors, turn on this feature to invert the screen color. Screen Color Adjustment Tap the Color Adjustment switch at the upper-right corner of the screen color adjustment screen to toggle this feature On or Off.

    When toggled on, this feature allows users to adjust contract and hue by dragging their finger across the screen. Screen Color Filter Tap the Screen Color Filter switch in the top right corner of the screen color filter screen to turn this feature on and set the color filter for better screen viewing. Screen Shade Toggle this feature on to dim the screen's backlight for a darker contrast. TalkBack: Customize Basic Settings Users can customize the settings of TalkBack to meet their specific needs, including changing the TalkBack volume, earcord volume, focus on the TalkBack audio above other audio sources, and the ability to read text continuously by shaking your device.

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    TalkBack: Exploring the Screen When TalkBack is toggled on, you can explore the screen by slowly dragging one finger around the screen. You'll hear the icons, buttons and other objects on the screen. When you reach an item you'd like to select, double-tap anywhere on the screen to activate the focused item.

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    This menu enables you to read the entire screen, spell the last utterance, read from the current position, jump to specific words or other text, suspend TalkBack, and go into TalkBack Settings. Turn Off All Sounds Toggle this mode to turn all sounds off on your phone. Sound Balance routes the sound through both the right and left channel when a headset is connected. To manually set the audio route, move the slider on the sound balance slide bar to set it. Captions Basic Features Learn how to enable and disable captions.

    Customize video caption settings. Choose from 75 different languages, font size, color, caption style and background. Captions Customization Options In addition to changing the font and color, learn how to adjust opacity levels. Change the text edge type and choose from 64 different edge color options. Adjust the background color and opacity levels or add an additional caption background window.

    Learn how to customize your notifications. Changing Your Google Assistant Account Google Assistant is able to pull details from Gmail, Google Photos, and other Google services, so you'll want to make sure you're using your primary account. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google, always ready to help.

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    Loop Home Screen As you add applications to your device, they will appear on your Home screens. Create a continuous circle of Home screen swiping instead of having your Home screens set up as a line of static panels. One Handed Operation LG has included useful features to aid in one-handed operation of your device like optimizing your keyboard for one-handed use and making your notifications drawer more accessible.

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    Split Keyboard Splitting the keyboard may increase usability and efficiency in typing for some users. Hold your device in landscape mode and pinch outward with 2 fingers. This will place half the keys on the left side of the screen and the other half on the right. Shortcut Key Shortcut keys allow you to quickly access LG's Camera and Capture plus applications by using the volume keys when the screen is locked or off. Screen Pin Screen pin will let you lock your LG device to one particular app, so whoever you're loaning your device to can't exit the application and access your other device applications.

    Users can choose between Short, Medium and Long. Touch Assistant This feature is a small floating menu that gives you access to common features of your phone from the comfort of your screen. Screen Timeout This setting allows you to change the length of time your phone will wait until the screen times out. Users can choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes 30 minutes and "Keep Screen Turned On. EasyHome Screen EasyHome provides an easier interface for beginners with a simpler layout and larger font size.

    Home Touch Buttons Customizable Home Touch buttons allow you to change the theme, position, and functionality to meet your needs. Quickly open and close the notification panel with a simple tap of the key, launch QuickMemo, QSlide and Dual window. Square Camera - Grid Shot With Grid Shot, the viewfinder is the top square and the lower square is split into four, each ready to be filled with either a still image or a 3-second video.

    Square Camera - Guide Shot Guide Shot allows you to pick an image as a guide which is overlaid across the screen in a translucent way to make it easy to get the same shot. The viewfinder is in the top square. The picture or video will appear in the lower square. Square Camera - Match Shot Square Camera splits the camera view into two perfect squares and uses each one differently. Battery Saver LG's Battery Saver mode is a power-efficient feature which trims any non-essential elements to preserve battery life.

    Smart Cleaning You shouldn't have any issues when you first set up your LG device, but over time, if you encounter battery drain, run out of storage, or run into performance issues, LG has a handy feature called Smart Cleaning to help you out. Accessibility Features Shortcut Create a customized list in settings, then get quick, easy access to selected features when they triple-tap the Home Key. Auto-Rotate Screen Turn this feature on to allow the phone to rotate the screen depending on the phone orientation portrait or landscape.

    Learn how to select how you would like to see notifications on your lock screen. With a secure lock screen set such as knock code, you will be able to use Smart Lock to unlock your phone with a trusted device or place.