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The battery appears to last well, it charges quickly, and as stated above all those other awesome features. We are still yet to discover a lot about this phone, but what we have managed to play with and discover so far has been amazing. Seriously for a cheap by todays market phone, this one is definitely one to buy and would highly recommend it, especially for teens, as it seems really robust!

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How do I love this phone, let me count the ways! I was fortunate enough to be offered this phone to review recently, and to be blunt I wasn't expecting much from it. Anything with "Lite" in the name makes me think there is something fundamentally under-powered about it. As it turned out, nothing could be further from the truth. When it arrived, my first impression was that it was a scale miniature of the "Big Black Monolith" from Kubrick's " A Space Odyssey" - I half expected to put it on the table and suddenly have tiny primates appear and start to worship it, or see stars moving around in it.

After using it for a few weeks, my final thoughts are that the designers made a smart choice going for that squared-off slab look, because just like the Monolith, this handset has an amazing amount of power hidden away in an unassuming and understated chassis. Because there is just so much packed into this device, to avoid writing a small novel, I'll focus my review on the key elements that are most important in a modern smartphone for me. This starts with the feel of it - it doesn't matter what bells, whistles and jetpacks it has under the hood, if it feels uncomfortable I won't enjoy using it.

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While I don't have huge hands, they aren't tiny either and this phone fits beautifully in my hand. It is small enough that I don't feel I am having to stretch my grip to keep a hold of it, but big enough to feel like it will show me all I want to see and can use my fingers instead of a stylus to click the icons I want and nothing else. Battery life - astounding. Depending on how long I spent talking on the phone during the day, I found myself getting anywhere from a full 24 hour day right up to nearly a week without needing to recharge. Unlike my previous phone - which demanded to be plugged in every night at the very least - this phone seems to have almost no concept of 'waste power on trivia, just because The cameras are stunning.

I'm used to using my phone as a point'n'shoot camera and snapping off shots at 5MP. That's plenty big enough for almost all the photos I need to take as part of reviewing, as well as covering the bases for holiday and travel shots. But to be able to snap off selfies at that resolution, and do point'n'shoot photos at a whopping 13MP is staggering. The image quality is also remarkable, but to be honest it's just too much data for my needs, so I chose to downgrade the resolution a notch to a 'mere' 10MP.

Add to that the huge range of built-in filters and effects, as well as video mode, beauty mode and time-lapse on fast-dial The video display is brilliant - streaming movies from my office server to watch on the phone was simple and smooth, with great quality and rich detail clearly visible.

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The onboard sound is quite tolerable considering the small form factor, and using earbuds to get good sound was also quite pleasing, but pairing it with a Bluetooth speaker with some good bass to it gave me a mini-theatre experience that really impressed me. Sure, it's not 4k, but so what? On a 5" phone screen, you really do NOT need anything better than p. Heck, even p was good enough for me, but then I am no purist or phone-snob, so This phone really did take everything I threw at it and either shrugged it off, or ran with it and showed me it could handle the load just fine.

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The EMUI software overlaying the basic Android functionality is intuitive, beautiful and highly functional despite the steeper learning curve I experienced. The ease of use and extra layers of information brought a new level of pleasure in using this handset. Interestingly, the handset is identical to both the mobile phones mentioned above, and it highlights four cameras and a 5.

The new Honor 9i comes with a price tag of Rs.

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Taking the same pattern with the current trend, the new Honor 9i packs a FullView display as previously mentioned. The display is tagged with an aspect ratio. Talking about specs, the handset features 5. At the front, the handset brings a megapixel sensor paired with a 2-megapixel sensor for depth of field enabled shots.

At the back area, it offers a megapixel primary sensor equipped with a 2-megapixel secondary sensor. Powered by octa-core Kirin processor clocked at 2.

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Naturally, only German users can download the app right now. At least, not yet. We live in times of uncertainty. HMD Global unveiled a slew of Nokia-branded phones via an online-only event. Obviously, the user can opt to purchase more bandwidth. The company will start sending out the kits from March However, the amount of data you get depends on three zones. The SIM card will be very handy for people who travel internationally very often.

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