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I noticed a new ice cream, Halo.

Is My Smartphone Really Listening to Me for Ads?

Last night I bought Haagen Daz non dairy ice cream from Target. I paid with cash. I have an iPhone 7. Can you say ? Now all of the ads on my Facebook are about a new car seat. For example- I texted her that I was trialing intermittent fasting. The next morning, two stories on intermittent fasting in my newsfeed. Yesterday, I was telling my friend who was at my house about the new shoes I bought my daughter, my phone was on the bench next to me. How do I turn it off. I was naively not even aware of the possibility of being listened in on.

I have an Android OS in the U. I was on my break at work today and we were discussing camping and various RVs on the market. I was looking at Instagram while we were talking. A video ad came up at the top of my feed for an RV dealership. If it was a coincidence, it was a really weird one. My Safari browser searches with Duck Duck Go. Yesterday I called my brother who lives out of state from my apple Iphone after receiving an email alert from his bank about a transaction.

He informed me that he was going to be changing to the Navy Federal Credit Union which I stated I was glad he finally made that decision. Several hours later I got on my computer and suddenly ads for Navy Federal Credit Union popped up all over the right side of my screen. Never seen them before and I am rattled at this aggressive tactic. I am wondering how I am going to stop my electronics from spying and communicating with each other as Microsoft continues to change my privacy settings with their updates.

This was benign, but it concerns me that it could have been something much more personal and I have to wonder would speaking on a landline still have been picked up by my electronics? Yesterday I hiked in the woods for a couple hrs with my dog and then the wife and I mowed for 3 hrs out around the timber.

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When we came home I found a few ticks on me and the dog. So that evening while we were sitting in the front room I told the wife we needed to check ourself for ticks. Immediately after, I opened Facebook on my phone and a full screen advertisement popped up about tick removal. This has happened before but I always brushed it off as coincidence.

Apple says it doesn’t rely on user data, but does it?

Nope, yesterday was obvious as to what happened. My phone suddenly said Listening with colored dots moving on the right of it. The weird thing was I was not even holding my phone to accidently have pressed the button, I was watching something I was speaking with a customer and made a reference to an obscure little designer I used to carry in my previous shop over 10 years ago.

Lo and behold the next day an ad for her business came through my feed. Way to random to be a coincidence. Piqued my curiosity Samsung smartphone beside bed. Wife beside me has a bad cough. Next day I get a Youtube link on how to treat bronchitis! Not Googled. So actual sounds, not just speech seem to be monitored. Guess we just have to turn things off. But a disgraceful invasion of privacy. Who comes up with these twisted ideas and thinks they are acceptable? Peter, you are so correct! Who comes up with this and thinks we have accept it. Google should b sued by the masses of people it has invaded.!

How do we take a stand?

Does Your Phone Listen to You for Ads? (Or Is It Just Coincidence?)

Post ideas. I was talking to my coworker about getting pizza at a particular place. Within less than 2 minutes, I received text and email advertisements from a competitor restaurant. Highly unlikely. Same thing is happening to my husband. For example he mentioned to me that he saw a mouse in our yard and that same day an ad appeared on his phone for a pest control company.

The first time it happened we were suspicious but thought it could be a coincidence but when it happened 2 more times over the next 2 days, we were convinced the phone is recording conversations and picking out specific target words for ads. Yes u r correct. How do we fight back and take a stand? Not just for us but for future generations too? We dont fight back but complain n get more angry.

This iPhone Feature Allows You To Spy and Listen to Conversations From Far Away

How can we sue google as a mass of people and let them know our privacy means just! Any ideas? Harry Shearer posted about this recently on Twitter. Talked to his doctor with his phone turned off and an ad for a medical device subsequently appeared soon afterward. I just read this article because I Googled the topic.

When I started scrolling FB there was an ad for an oral solution called banana bag. I have never heard this term befor in my life.

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It has happened twice to me. Once with Subway adds after 2 hours deciding with my roommate what to lunch.

Then today which is why I looked into this with a hotel that was mentioned to be great in a friend's conversation yesterday. I did not looked for information about it. My partner and I are literally gaming the system now. We were talking about an event going on at the Enercare Center, and then checked the weather in the Weather Network app, and an ad for the Enercare Center pops up. We were suspicious, but it was inconclusive.