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Gallery searches get simple with automatic tagging and album creation. You may be wondering, given the expectation and rumors that this would be called the LG V60, why it's a G-series phone. It's because LG promised that all of its V-series devices would be 5G only in the future. I tried a hand-built prototype that wasn't properly calibrated, and LG asked for patience when judging the early hardware.

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I want to mention, however, that because OLED displays run the risk of inconsistency, both screens had noticeably different color temperatures. I'm sure that LG will fix this before production begins, but it's something it will need to address. It's also worth mentioning that the mirrored case and the back are both piano gloss black -- the phone will only sell in black -- and are fingerprint magnets of the highest order. There's a degree hinge that joins the second display to the first, and you can fold it over to any angle, including back-to-back.

That hinge is versatile, but at the cost of making a thick line dividing both displays, meaning you'd never be able to use both screens as one. Sadly, it would be hard to use this as a viable alternative to a Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, with a fold-out screen that's closer to tablet size.

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LG isn't the first to flirt with this dual screen idea. The concept is simple enough to understand: something close to desktop-like multitasking in a smaller form.

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Instead of flipping between multiple apps, you can pin two open at once to, say, find movie times and message your date. There are a few features that try to take advantage of the secondary screen With the G8X in landscape mode, you can turn one of the displays into a keyboard or custom gamepad, which you can design for yourself. It's hard to draw conclusions from such a short demo, but the keyboard was a little too large to use with two thumbs, but too small for full-handed typing. I'm sure, over time, you'd get used to it, but I'd probably never write long emails with it.

Web browsing with Whale, LG and Navver's custom Chromium browser that uses full use of both screens, makes a lot more sense. Open Google in one half, and you can click through individual links that are displayed on the other. You can do the same with Amazon, saving you the indignity of scrolling to find your place when you click in, and then back out of, an individual product listing. There are plenty of other examples, like seeing a Google Map on one side, and Google Street View in the other.

You can browse the web on one side while YouTube is open on the other -- which is one way of avoiding having to pay for YouTube Music. And you can flick through the gallery on one screen, with previews popping up on the other. You can't watch video or browse across both screens, however, because it doesn't look good. LG had a version of Chrome which did render across both screens and the line between the two displays was so thick as to make it difficult to read.

The company would much prefer you use the secondary screen as a companion to the first, rather than its missing half. The rear fingerprint sensor has been ditched for an optical model that sits underneath the 6. Battery capacity has been pushed from 3,mAh on the G8 to 4,mAh here, and it'll ship with Android 9 and a new UI, too. There's a pair of cameras around the back: a megapixel standard angle lens with optical image stabilization OIS , and a megapixel wide-angle camera.

To start off, when I first downloaded the app it connected to my Tv just fine This app would be perfect This is a TV controller. Tetris is a free video game and it has less ads than this. I believe that a TV controller should have little to no ads because who needs them.

Another complaint is how slow the buttons click, not too much of a bother for me but it still is annoying. My recommendation, if you want a decent controller, honestly, go buy an actual one. Then download this. Which is easy to get used to. The remote works again.

Not sure why it sporadically works, but now it does. Also, because I deleted it in an attempt to fix it, the ads came back because I essentially deleted the first download. The creator responded to me, so thank you very much for that. Second, this has nothing but adds, every time you will press a button, an add will appear out of nowhere!

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