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In a nutshell. FM radio for music on the move Large easy-to-use keys Colour display. What Carphone Warehouse says. What Users Say 4. Camera quality 3. Screen quality 4. View all reviews. Design and display Discover the Alcatel Compact and comfortable The Alcatel Colour display The 1. Camera Find out more about the Alcatel Snap photos, shoot videos The Alcatel Under the hood What makes the Alcatel Long lasting battery The mAh battery inside the Alcatel Handy extras With an FM radio, music player, alarm clock, torch and calendar, the Alcatel Rated 2 out of 5 by jd96 from Ok phone but can't change your plan straight away.

The phone is as to be expected for the price. Funtions fine so far.

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Only problem is your automatically opted into the plan the sim comes with. I was under the impression you could change plan before it ate the credit. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Dusti from Ideal phone if you don't live life in the phone I bought this phone as it was the cheapest PAYG on sale at the time, it does just what I need, calls and texts, and having the camera is a bonus. I tried a 32kb sd card but the phone kept telling me there was no card inserted. I dropped down to an 8kb card and the camera is working fine. It;s an ideal phone if you just need the basics or for going to something like a concert where it might get stolen.

Rated 2 out of 5 by Edda from Compact Have just bought this mobile, wished I hadn't, for instance, thought, great, has camera, what they don't tell you is that if you have any contacts on the phone, the camera cannot work, not enough space, what ever is the point of putting camera in phone when you are going to store contact numbers, the buttons are to small to press. Rated 3 out of 5 by Anonymous from Fine for the price. It does what you need it to do. But strangely, for a phone on sale in the UK from a French manufacturer, I'd say that isn't a very sensitive name.

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Submit By pressing submit The main navigation scheme was decided, but how would the menu work? We still wanted to reduce user mistakes within the small screen. We determined the minimum touch area size for first tier functions, and decided four buttons was the optimal number of items supported by the screen.

Menu proposals were:.

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Below in the Visual Design part you can find our exploration. The outer shape was square to make icons look as big as possible, the inner shape was circular and visually corresponded with the function. Tapping a function would zoom in on the button, transforming the icon into a fullscreen function.

However, this would affect performance when opening the menu and complicate things a lot. First of all, when notifications are received, they pop up and the watch vibrates. We also wanted to allow users to check notifications later without leaving the current function, so I had to find a way to call the notification area from any screen. That being said, I decided to swipe up from the screen bottom to call notifications and swipe down to close. For social networking services SNS notifications, we could only mirror the phone notification area no dismiss or snooze , and only for a small selection of apps.

User could select which apps to get notifications from via accompanying mobile application. The initial idea was a chronologically ordered list, but this would be inefficient on such a small screen. So I decided to group notifications by app. Horizontal swiping would switch apps, vertical swiping would scroll app content. I also had to design modal notifications that required user action. These would pop up unexpectedly causing misoperations.

Alcatel Watch UX

The best solution we explored was sliding buttons with animated arrows. Apart from events and SNS, we had system notifications such as low battery warning, function auto dismissal, connectivity warnings, etc. A must have function in a smartwatch is an activity tracker. Initial requirements included steps, distance and calories.

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Based on research, I merged the activity tracker with sleep tracker, to keep all daily progress in one place. At some point we decided to display more specific data such as active minutes and overall progress on the main activity screen. The watch could recognize walking and running, deep and light sleep and awake time.

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I had to find a way to display all this data on such a small screen. After experimenting, I added small icons into the progress bars. This scheme did raise many questions on calculation.

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For example, what time was used for sleep calculation? Midnight to midnight? What if you sleep early? We decided to track sleep from noon to noon; this includes even siestas. In upcoming generations we plan to include motivational notifications and reminders, more comprehensive data and may be even support for third party applications such as Strava, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal…. Initially we planned to only launch a black watch, but later Alcatel decided to also ship a white version, so we added a white theme to match watch case.

Because the black theme works well in low-light conditions and saves battery, we allowed users to switch. Our heart sensor could measure manually as well as continuously. Manual is straightforward, but how could people activate continuous measurement? How could we optimize power consumption? This was pretty complex, so we decided to make a manual Heart Rate a dedicated function — tap to get a result.

To preserve battery, we only used continuous measurement while the Workout mode was active. Originally I was thinking of upcoming hourly data for the main weather screen, but it looked pretty complex and not visually appealing enough. Finally we decided to have a special background image for each weather and time of the day: morning, day, evening, night.

Unexpectedly, weather raised more questions than any other function. We had to get the location in a simple way without bothering the user with GPS permissions, to figure out how often it would update and how to display the latest update time and what would happen if there was no internet connection. The back end logic behind weather turned out pretty sophisticated. Another complicated UX problem was music player control. We explored two options:. We went with the second option since it was more minimalistic and looked more appealing.

These were:. Another reason to keep the design as simple as possible. As the watch face is the default screen, it has to inform of all important events at first glance. If you have missed notifications, you will see notifications icon and missed call s icon right on the watch face. If you left a function without stopping it i. When you turn on the screen, you see the battery icon. These analytics can reduce the cost of replacing, leasing and over purchasing equipment to ensure availability.

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