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The Navigation Dock requires a series of gestures to move about the screen. Any time you want to return to the Home screen, long tap on the icon. To move back, you just need to quickly tap the icon. If you want to see an overview of apps you currently have open, just tap and slide the icon.


If you find yourself frequently sharing your phone, the Honor View 10 offers an excellent privacy feature called PrivateSpace. With PrivateSpace, you can easily set up a private account that can only be accessed with a unique password or fingerprint. If you want to enable the PrivateSpace account, simply unlock your phone with your unique password or fingerprint.

While PrivateSpace is a great feature, it is not compatible with Face Unlock.

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If creating a PrivateSpace account seems a little extreme, the Honor View 10 offers an option that allows you to unlock certain apps on your phone. With App Lock, you can require a password or fingerprint to open any app on your phone. Use your fingerprint or lock screen password to access a list of apps installed on your phone. You can then easily enable the feature for each individual app by sliding its respective toggle bar.

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For a midrange phone, the Honor View 10 packs a pretty impressive dual camera setup. In addition to the megapixel RGB lens and megapixel monochrome lens on the phone, the Kirin chip uses artificial intelligence A. Swipe right and the Settings menu appears. While most of these modes are pretty standard fare for a smartphone, the Light painting mode definitely stands out as one of our favorites.

Light painting allows you to add artistic flourishes to your photos. When you select Light painting mode, you are presented with four different scenarios:.

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With Perfect Selfie, you can create different settings to retouch your photos. Perfect Selfie works with portraits on both the front and rear camera; it can also recognize you in group shots. You can use these to brighten and smooth out your skin, enlarge your eyes, and even make your face thinner. Swipe right on the viewfinder screen to access the different modes. This option allows you to use AR filters to change the background in your selfies.

Buy the Honor 10 for its camera. Love it for that kaleidoscopic glass back

With the latest version of Android, which comes with an impressive set of additional features, a large battery and decent processor, this is an impressive phone at a very reasonable price. The popularity of the affordable P Smart has landed the line a successor for , the not-so-imaginatively-titled, Huawei P Smart Huawei has announced that the P Smart will get Android 10 , too. One of the main issues that Huawei has is its retraction of the Android licence, which means that phones will no longer ship with Google Play Services and many Android apps, including YouTube and Gmail will not be available.

However, existing phones, including the P Smart , still have their licence so will continue to have Google Play access even after an operating system upgrade. As such, this phone should still be a safe buy but the relationship between Google and Huawei may be enough to put you off buying this handset, and you may want to look at an alternative phone, such as the impressive and similarly-priced Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Related: Best cheap phones. The ceramic-like finish looks great but feels a bit cheap.

Materials aside, the rounded form gives the P Smart a cute, compact appearance — despite its size. Related: Huawei P30 Pro.

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Smudge magnet: Both the front and back of the P Smart are prone to fingerprints. The fingerprint sensor is in the perfect spot. What you might be surprised to find as I was is a microUSB port.

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In , this, like the headphone jack, is of a growing scarcity; conceding to the newer, more efficient and versatile reversible USB Type-C standard that most phones released within the last year now use. The microUSB port feels a bit old fashioned. One of those key mobile trends was the rapid adoption of extended displays, a trait kicked off by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 a year earlier.

Impressively thin bezels surround the screen. In real-world use, colours are fine, pleasing even on first glance, but it pays to fiddle around with things. Contrast is a little lacking, with blacks appearing more like a dark grey that can shift to an even lighter tone when the screen is viewed off-axis. The phone feels responsive as you navigate around home screens and between apps when multitasking; you might notice dropped frames when transitioning into split-screened usage and other more specialist UI features like picture-in-picture with Netflix , but nothing debilitating or apparent lasts long enough to be a real problem.

The new Honor 10 Lite sports practically identical underlying hardware and having just reviewed that phone, I was pleasantly surprised by how gaming performance compares between the two. The 10 Lite struggled to run 3D games outright, while Huawei appears to have done a better job optimising the P Smart , meaning more intensive 3D titles are genuinely playable. Android 10 is coming to the phone, too. EMUI 9. HiTouch is a recent addition to EMUI that lets you find and purchase goods from platforms like Amazon, just by pressing two fingers against a relevant image on-screen.

That notch, meanwhile, sports an 8-megapixel fixed-focus front-facer, complete with basic face unlock functionality that works decidedly well, even in low light.