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None of the smartphones reach true image resolution of MP. So MP is gonna be nonsense anyway. And with an aperture of F1. One of the functions is that of those 4 sub pixels different pixels can have different exposure times or gain stages. Allowing for a much improved dynamic range. I am waiting for serious benchmarks before making any claim Crypt Keeper, you will be surprise at what modern AI processing can do.

Xiaomi Mi 10 - CAMERA REVIEW vs iPhone 11 Pro / Mi Note 10

My K20 Pro with Gcam could almost match the quality output of my handheld in-camera JPG from D with in low light condition, and at less than half the price i paid for my D body few years back. Vince VC: You must be joking. A xiaomi phone matching one of the top 10 Nikon full frame sensor with a and in low light conditions..

Think again. Even hardcore phone photographers won't embarrass themselves with that statement. Get serious.

Not so fast Crypt Keeper You can choose not to believe it. But here is the cold hard truth. Both out of camera JPG without any processing. I know many photographer choose not to believe that their beloved dSLR barely perform much better the a cheap phonem, but technology have proven otherwise.

And yes, i still own that D and D, but when it comes to casual photos, i would trust my phone just as much. Setting are different, but we talking about doing handheld for anyone without going into different settings to maximise image quality. What it is the purpose of this? If you scale down the D image to the similar height ie pixels , and run appropriate smart sharpen filter etc, it has quite much sharper details despite being shot at very high ISO and faster shutter speed etc.

If you insist not using a tripod for low light nightscapes, I'd recommend using a mirrorless camera with IBIS, so that lower ISO settings could be used.

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ISO is very high for the D as you might know. Vince VC.

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If you make such statement you must use the same ISO for comparison, right?. But even with such a difference, applying a luminance noise reduction to the Nikon file will produce a much, much better image, more defined, sharper, cleaner. Now, if you enjoy your photos looking at the smartphone screen only then nothing else to add.

Each its own. Why don't we do that? We want to show the best possible result handheld, so the comparison is pretty fair.

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If you want to show best possible result handheld, larger aperture helps to keep noise levels down. I suppose that was the case for smartphone aswell. DarkShift It seems like you missed out all the words completely or you have very bad selective reading. I had to use ISO to have sufficient shutter speed for handheld. I'm using Tamron with VC as well. I could have went even slower to get lower ISO, but generally most people will still prefer to shoot at focal length speed. Tripod, so you carry a tripod whenever you go?

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You are comparing is spending all the extra time, equipment and money to optimize different kind of situation. It's like saying why take astrophotography with your dSLR instead of using a Hubble telescope.

10 Best Xiaomi Redmi 5 Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks That You Must Know

Of course dSLR still have it advantage when it comes to many situation, speed, focal, versatility etc. But not everybody or even anyone will carry everything for every situation.

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  7. There are just time when having dSLR and a tripod is not possible. Crypt Keeper You may be right that I will be able to squeeze out more with processing or even RAW, but the point of having a smartphone is you can have it whenever and where ever you want. Or simply use a tripod, BUT not everyone carry a tripod whenever they go.

    It's is like saying Red will take better videos than a smartphone or dSLR, but how many people own a Red, willing to carry it around every single day and do proper setup? And on top of that, the dSLR must not use wide aperture that is not available on the Red. I should not insist on anything since I didn't started that crazy statement. But even as the samples were presented, the phone has no chance. Apply a simple noise reduction to both as they are in jpg.

    The Xiaomi look like c. But the quality in the example provided is not very good. Colors are horrible, details smoothed. Even the D example was better as such, if you take care in the post-processing phase.

    Mi Note 10

    If you want THE best quality in your night scapes, then you must really use tripod to get an optimal image. There's no cheap lunch for this, no matter which camera or stablizer is used. You can be creative and support you camera in some other way. A video is meant to be watched passively.

    A phone can get away with good video quality since we almost never stop a video to zoom any detail unless you are editing it. A photo is certainly different. Don't know many photographers that just "watch" a photo and are happy without enjoying the details.

    Crypt Keeper Lol pixel peeping. On my phone or even my 27", the image from phone looks way better with less noise. Extra details from the d doesn't even start showing until you zoom in to pixel peep. And that is largely due to having twice the pixel count. You can continue to ignore the fact that smartphone imaging have became so good, while the rest of us enjoy it.

    And by the way, using Red was just an example, it could have been any medium format, Hasselblad, or even Phaseone. I enjoy images taking with smartphones. On the smartphone screen. Its just now they don't , for me. But the point is, smartphone is always in your pocket, whereas camera is not, let alone a extra tripod.

    The image from the phone might not be on par to the d, but it is a very close match at least when it comes to out of camera JPG , or even better when you view without pixel peeping into every corner. I had them on my 27", i would choose the phone shot any day if I am not going to crop or zoom all the way in.

    Also, better camera like Z6 with more effective IBIS would have allowed the use slower shutter speed, to keep things comparable. Like said, if you really want to get serious about nightscape photography, you have to get rid of laziness and get a tripod. Otherwise its like trying to cycle without hands. Fun for a moment until you hit a tight turn ;. DarkShift Once again, you are doing a lot of selective reading.

    I kept mention out of camera JPG in almost every other post. And why even bring out the Z6 and saying to keep things comparable? You kept mention about getting serious and not getting lazy, I still use my tripod, filters and doing RAW processing, but there are many times when carrying a camera or tripod is not feasible.

    Thanks in advance TBH, nobody can say for now when the product ain't even out yet. Daylight photos have been very good for most smartphone. Night mode is the one that you should be looking at, and current generation of smartphone have made once thought impossible possible. Probably just a matter of time before camera manufacturers start implementing the image processing.

    Nothing will beat a true camera if you have the proper equipment and setup, but smartphone have its portability advantage. As much as I am impress by smartphone output, I will still not consider it for any commercial or serious photography. I myself, as a casual user and enthusiast of photography, always prefered having cameras in my trekking trips and always have had cheap cell phones.

    But the weight and volume was always a problem have had Pany FZ and now i have the tiny LX, but the lacks of zoom in it bothers me so much. But lately i'm starting to consider investing in a good expensive photography oriented phone, and retire my cameras. I know i'll suffer with lack of some features at the beggining, but i think seen the evolution from the last years thar in about 5 years I'll not miss any of these features at all.

    And the phone has a great advantage: it'is with me ALL the time. This offering could be seismic. Camera companies need to make mp the default offering.