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With Scout, you can find places to go and things to do near you by category. The smallest unit for measuring data. BlackBerry Enterprise Server. RIM now goes by the name BlackBerry. The BlackBerry name refers to the unique physical keyboard design on early devices that resembled the fruit of the same name. BlackBerry Desktop Software coordinates your contacts, calendars and more. A BlackBerry app that lets you access your email, text messages and social networking accounts all in one place.

While in any app, you can instantly check your messages in BlackBerry Hub with just a swipe. Choose to respond, or let the screen snap back to continue what you were doing. Write an email, reply to a text message or post to your favorite social networking account all from a single screen.

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An instant messaging service for BlackBerry devices. Its features are built right into many apps, so you can share or chat with other BlackBerry users without leaving the app. Block Numbers. A feature of Usage Controls, these are phone numbers that are restricted from calling or messaging a line subject to Usage Controls at any time. These lines will also not be able to call or message those numbers at any time. Blocked Contacts. A feature of Usage Controls, these are phone numbers, email addresses, international numbers, and instant messaging screennames that are restricted from calling or messaging a line subscribed with Usage Controls.

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The subscribed line will also not be able to call or message those contacts at any time. Bluetooth File Transfer. A feature or app that allows you to connect devices wirelessly with Bluetooth in order to share or view data.

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A short-range wireless technology you can use to connect a device to other nearby Bluetooth-capable devices and accessories, such as headsets, speakers, printers, etc. Use Bluetooth to make handsfree calls on a headset or in your car, listen to music on wireless speakers, use a wireless mouse or keyboard, or print a document in another room.

The communication that connects two Bluetooth-enabled devices as a trusted pair. After one device recognizes another device in an established pair, each device automatically accepts communication from each other going forward.

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The OS operating system used by basic phones. See also Basic Phone. High-speed data transmission, generally fast enough to support apps, such as streaming video and high-speed internet access. An app used to view web content. Buddy Photo Share. A feature that automatically tags your friends each time you take a picture of them for easy sharing. Bundled Services. Multiple services offered together in one package, often at a discounted rate. Burst Shot. Instead of taking a single picture, your camera will take several pictures, one after another. Business and Marketing Reports.

Reports that contain business statistics about groups or categories of our customers. See our FAQs and Privacy Settings pages for more information about these reports and your privacy options. Business Plan. A plan designed to meet the needs of business owners and their employees. Requires a minimum of five business lines to be eligible. A sequence of adjacent bits usually eight considered as a unit.

A bit is a binary unit - a "1" or a "0.

Call and Message Blocking. A service that allows you to prevent messages from being sent to or received by specific mobile numbers.

Call Detail. Information that pertains to the transmission of specific calls, including the time, location, duration and phone number called or received. A service that helps you take control of your calls by identifying unknown numbers by name or as spam, and gives you the tools to manage those calls as you choose. Call Forwarding. A feature that allows you to forward your mobile calls to another phone number, like your home or office number.

Call Forwarding is included with all plans. Call Waiting. A rechargeable battery recycling program, which is funded by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation RBRC , that helps preserve the environment by keeping harmful by-products from rechargeable batteries out of landfills and the solid waste stream. Caller ID. Caller ID Blocking. A feature that allows you to block your number from being displayed on Caller ID equipment permanently or on a per-call basis. You can't block your number from appearing when calling certain numbers, such as numbers and Camera Phone.

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A mobile phone with an embedded camera feature that can capture, send, store and save pictures. A company that provides wireless service to customers.

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Verizon Wireless is an example of a carrier. Carryover Data. A feature that automatically keeps your unused data in your account until the end of the following month. When you use less data one month, you can use extra data the next without paying more. The primary digital wireless technology that Verizon Wireless mobile devices use to place calls within the USA and certain other global destinations. It's also used for transmitting data where 4G LTE isn't available. Certified Like-New Replacement Program. A program provided by Verizon Wireless that offers a replacement device in the event that your device experiences an eligible in-warranty failure.

Certified Like-New Replacement devices have passed a rigorous testing and reconditioning process. Reconditioning refers to devices that have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to manufacturer performance levels, although minor cosmetic blemishes may be present. A Customer Service Representative can help you identify if you're eligible for this program. Certified Pre-Owned Replacement.