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Oh, they even stopped give schematics of MacBooks to service centers where every chinese brand does it? Regarding to "thats 2 year old article, Xiaomi in entered pretty much every country in Europe".

In terms of lawsuit, only larger companies have enough budget to sue each other in EU such as Apple vs, Samsung. Mike FL Ok, so what exactly Xiaomi did stole from US? They have own fabs. CPUs, sensors, lenses etc. Chinese companies had "Night mode" 2 years before US Apple had it.

No, night mode wasnt stolen by Chinese brands. US is just slow to innovate because they are very inefficent.

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Look at Apple, Google and Microsoft. Google Pixels are pretty good right? They couldnt even fix gamma change between 90hz and 60hz in their Pixel 4 and you have obvious problem with color cast. Apple has so much money they could buy some countries but still they dont make anything and outsource even screws for iMac Pro stand to some subpar brand. Microsoft still cant fix Windows All big US companies are full of great people, but nobody manages that good enough when company gets bigger.

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Even GoPro fits that. They come up with great product and fail to continue. Remember GoPro Karma release? So from who they are stealing now if they are leader? They arent stealing and they werent doing it just like Xiaomi doesnt do it. Instead of having such mindset they could just move their fabs to US.

They are just greed. Let me correct that: it will be prohibited in the US because the US government can't use it as a spy tool. Well, there is a difference between random pixels missing, and pixels lost because of a camera. Samsung used the word "note" first in Galaxy Note, which was a noticeably larger phone than the most back in the time. Chinese smartphone companies copied the idea and also used "note" in the names of their larger-screen phones, but not with a pen as the signature found in the Galaxy Note series.

However, it's really non-sense today since the mainstream phones get larger and larger Everyone knows that only modern ML or hipster film rangefinder equipment is trendy these days Fexk that. Im not buy ml nikon for at least the next 5 years. Better ergonomics lacks nothing, fast af.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro with dual-tele and 108MP primary camera is official

Z cameras have some ways to go. My gear has nothing lacking and my clients dont give a rats asz. They dont even what im doing and what I use. The majority here are all about the gear and looking cool, I only care about the client and the money I make from it. Not from buying every new piece of junk that's released. My d4 d's and art lensed do everything perfectly. I'm currently using a Xiaomi Mi 9. It's got great specs for the price. However, the built-in apps, which cannot be uninstalled, are filled with advertisements.

Most of these built-in apps also come with a privacy message which states that Xiaomi will collect your personal info. You have to agree to such non-sense before you can open such apps. Seriously, I will never in my life buy a Chinese phone again. A lot of those advertising features seem to be market specific. The Indian and Chinese versions are especially laden with it, but I haven't heard that to be the case with the proper Global or Euro versions.

In Europe, grey imports from Asia do have ads whereas official imports do not. You can also disable most private data collection. Androole, I got it from the official Xiaomi store in Hong Kong. You can go into each app's menu to turn off the ads.

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But the idea of ads showing up on built-in apps is really ridiculous to begin with. But at least America is a democratic country which respects people's freedom of expression. China, on the other hand, is an authoritarian state run by an oppressive regime. God knows what would ever happen to me had I written something critical of the regime on my phone, then set foot in China.

Ken try to tweet something bad about trump Bd see what happens of you try to enter the us. It is not different except some regimes they make.

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  5. Nothing bad had ever happened to me. The Xiaomi phone is got is great spec-wise, and the price is awesome for the specs. But the user interface is poor. The built-in ads is an awful idea.

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    The privacy concern is also a minus. Not sure why you are dragging Apple into this. I'm not an Apple user by the way. Zero 0 commercials. During the installation, I was asked if I would allow some commercials.

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    Obviously, I said NO. Ken Aisin I'll tell you the reason Because those phones are too cheap, the advertisement income becomes very considerable to the phone manufacturers. India and China has built-in ads and because of that they can be cheaper to compete with other brands even heard of Tecno?

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    They have more sales just in India than LG Worldwide. Global version is usually the best and doesnt have ads. Just look at box, if on box you have english names then its Global. Next thing - privacy and spying.

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) Feature Review – All You Need to Know

    Xiaomi allows you to unlock bootloader so basically you can do anything you want with device. Because of unlocked bootloader you can also sniff your internet to be sure that its private. You can disable these Chinese apps that have adverts and if it's in chinese text, no prob's Plenty of Chinese Students about. It does have ads in built-in apps. Though the ads can be turned off in each individual app's menu. I'm afraid you would be detained right away if you dare to express in public your discontent about the leader or regime.

    Anyhow, this is my last comment regarding the politics in China. Don't really want to drag politics into a photography community. My original post was about a Chinese phone, not about the Chinese government compared to the American government. There's a reason why Xiaomi's phones are so cheap, especially in certain markets. Gotta bolster that razor thin margin somehow. Do look at using Szaki's debloat tool to remove unnecessary stuff too. Ken Aisin, you might want to look at installing a Xiaomi. I use GlobeROM and see no ads whatsoever. Also no Chinese apps at all. Check it out.