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Setting the melody through standard system settings, in most cases, restricts the user to a small set of predefined system tracks. If the previous methods could not help you, try using additional software. The method is simple, but not in all firmware it will allow you to attach a melody to a specific contact. A prolonged press on the sound file through the player menu interface allows you to put a call sound. Sometimes you want to put on a call only some part of the track, removing unnecessary musical intros.

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To do this, it is not at all necessary to contact the ZTE service center, you can do everything you need yourself using free software. On the Play Market, you can find more than one hundred programs that can help you install, configure and even edit sound files sound attenuation, track duration, etc.

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  7. Based on personal experience, I can recommend Ringdroid - a small program, but with the support of everything that you might need to process an audio file on a mobile device: a track editor with a scalable interface, the ability to use a microphone to record sound, built-in settings for setting a ringtone for an alarm clock.

    I am sure that after its installation you will not begin to look for something else. In the end, I want to advise - in no case do you use paid services to set melodies, this in most cases ends with a fraud and you will not only not receive your ringtone, but you will most likely be faced with the fact that your account will be reset. If you upgraded your ZTE smartphone to a more recent version or rolled back to an earlier one, then you should try other detailed operating instructions that will be presented below. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with quick user instructions in the question-answer format.

    You need to look at the characteristics of the Blade GF3 the link is given above. Answer: There are several ways to set the ringtone on these smartphones, as well as others, for example ZTE Nubia, V, vw, v, etc. That is, create the media folder, the audio folder in it, the alarms, notifications and ringtones folders in it. Next, the melody for SMS must be copied to the notifications folder.

    The alarms folder is for the ringtone of the alarm, the ringtones folder, respectively, for ringtones. Luckily, Google didn't give us Android Quiche. Instead, it ditched the sweet names and decided to use numbers, starting with Android Android 10 users can enable a dark mode to darken everything from notifications to the settings.

    Unlike previous dark themes built into the stock Android experience, however, it applies to all apps that support it, too. If you look in your quick settings menu swipe down from the top , you can also access a dark mode switch there. You may need to click on the pencil icon in the lower-left corner of the quick settings drop-down to find the new setting. Android 10 comes with new tools designed to help you disconnect. The biggest of these is Focus Mode. Here's how it to turn on it:.

    With Live Captions, Google Assistant can process speech on-device at near-zero latency, serving up transcriptions in real-time, even when you have no network connection. Think of these as real-time captions for just about everything on your phone, and it all happens locally on the device.

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    Closed captions are crucial for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. You'll be able to turn on this feature under accessibility settings.

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    The back button, a classic navigation feature in Android, has been ditched in Android Alternatively, the update includes a full set of gestures so that Android users can move beyond buttons, virtual or otherwise. So, instead of the three icons at the bottom of your screen, you will see a black strip with a white dash in the centre or white strip with a black background, depending on the page's background colour. Android 10 includes new privacy features such as new location permissions, restrictions on background activity starts, changes to data and identifiers, and more!

    Find out how to test and update your apps in this post. Compare devices.

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    What's in the box. Download user manual. Based on 17 reviews. Rating 3.

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    Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. When I first got this phone it worked perfectly and didn't have any problems. Until close to half a year later when it started to mess up in all kinds of ways. First it started to freeze at random times. Next some of the functions like viewing the notification menu and getting notifications all toge read more. Was this review helpful?

    Yes Very impressed with a cheaper phone. Everything promised to me, and no hidden anything. If I run short on data, additional data is really cheap. The app also helps make everything worth it. Yes, I'd recommend this product. I have been very happy with this phone. In fact, has somethings that my much more expensive phone didn't. The only issue I had at all was while talking if I bumped the screen it would click over to another screen and people couldn't hear me. I have used lot of cellphones and this ZTE blade is one ofthe better cell phones it right up there with Samsung s6 in my opinion.

    I would buy this phone again and would recommend it to all my friends and family. This phone is awesome! Great capabilities similar to Apple brand.

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    Good screen size, easy to hold and has a hot spot. I've owned and used this phone for a few hours now, and besides one little quirk I couldn't be happier with it. The screen is rather low-res and a bit unimpressive, but if you can get past it then you will be pleased with the Blade Vantage. The battery is pretty good as well as being removable, it s read more. No The camera isn't the best and the screen resolution is not so good, but for the price point you're getting a 4G phone that you can talk, text, check emails, surf the web, and use as a GPS.

    When you combine it with Verizon Prepaid, it's a real bargain.