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Data is tracked in real-time and you can segment it to your own personal taste. There are also dashboard templates available which speed up your ability to identify Instagram trends, other influencers on the platform and new leads. It allows marketers to get better insights about content they publish for brands and have it achieved and accessible anytime they need it. By providing comprehensive analysis of published content performance, it helps to create better content and increase engagement. On top of the suite of tools for content marketing, it offers free Instagram Analytics tool that facilitates digital marketers efforts to monitor their brand reputation on Instagram, discover emerging and existing influencers and identify top content that shows the highest engagement with their audience.

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Stargazer The influencer marketing agency to create branded content at scale. Monitor brand mentions with our remarkable tool. Get the overall reach of your twitter brand campaign and interact with your customers easily. Take the assistance of our brand tracking tool to calculate it all.

With the help of our real-time social monitoring, you would be able to react immediately and create more traction without much hassle. Track brand mentions and prevent any unforeseen crisis. Provide insightful information to your customers and educate them with our social media monitoring tool. Use our brand tracking methods to identify the popular topics and the ongoing trends. Prioritize what you need and cut unnecessary noise to optimize your interaction.

9 Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Be Using

Monitor brand mentions and never keep your audience waiting. Achieve a professional brand tone and influence more people with our Twitter tracking tool.


The online presence of your brand can be a deal breaker at times. If you want to attain a flawless presence on Twitter, then take the assistance of our remarkable social media brand monitoring. Never miss a conversation and get to know what your audience is talking about your brand. Eliminate all the noise and focus on what matters the most with our brand reputation monitoring.

Our readily available brand mention monitoring reports will make your job a whole lot easier. Monitor the digital presence of our brand with our twitter tracker on a real-time basis. Here, we'll focus on the best free Instagram analytics apps, so you can focus your money and efforts on the Instagram content itself.

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Image via Later. If you have a business account on Instagram, you automatically have access to their free analytics tool, Instagram Insights.

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The Insights tool can show you when your audience is on Instagram, which of your posts are most popular, and your account's impressions and reach. Additionally, you can compare your original post with a promoted version of the post to figure out if your paid efforts are working.

Unfortunately, you can only use the tool within the app there's no desktop version , and it's not the most user-friendly, but it provides a good basic overview of your Instagram analytics for both individual posts, and your account as a whole. Iconosquare is a three-in-one Instagram solution for social media marketing. The platform allows you to schedule new posts, monitor what people are saying about the industry or your brand , and of course track your Instagram analytics.

These analytics show you trends related to engagement, impressions, your posts' reach, and even how your Instagram Stories are performing. Iconosquare also includes hashtag and competitor tracking, allowing marketers to compare themselves against the people and topics they care about. The platform comes with a two-week free trial, as well as a variety of free tools such as a full Instagram Audit.

Squarelovin's free Instagram Insights tool provides most of the information you'd need to conduct an analysis on your progress over the year -- for instance, you can obtain a monthly analysis on your posts, or a history of your posts broken down by month, day, or even hour. Additionally, the tool offers insights into your followers' interests, and how to drive further engagement to your posts. You can even figure out the best time to post, depending on when your followers are most likely on the app. Crowdfire allows marketers to schedule posts, measure their performance, and track mentions of their brand, as well as curate content related to their industry from all over the internet.

The product delivers article and image recommendations from other websites, helping marketers expand their visibility when considering what content to include in their Instagram strategy. Crowdfire's analytics tools visualize your Instagram data in several user-friendly charts. They also drill down into a number of advanced metrics that show you how you're performing over long periods of time. Used by Kenneth Cole, Sonos, and plenty of other big brands, Pixlee offers an impressive free tool.