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After locating the device, right from performing a factory setting to safeguarding the personal data, the tracking device application is bang on its features. Even if the device is lost in a familiar place, one can locate the device by ringing.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus review

Its other functionalities include a complete list of indoor maps for places like stadiums, airports, malls, and vital landmarks. Download the best app to find lost phone for Android. Glympse is another excellent app to share real-time location using GPS tracking. The user also has the option to create in-app groups for better safety and security. The one feature that sets this lost phone finder apart from other similar apps is that once the location is shared, the other person can view the map even without the installation of the Glympse app.

Download the best lost phone finder app for Android and iOS. Due to its features and functionalities, we can call Life as an all-in-one location tracking app. The user can keep all the near and dear ones in the loop with its location-sharing feature. As compared to other apps, Life offers better safety features.

For instance, in case of an emergency, the app can automatically call for an ambulance and send notifications to emergency contacts.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Download the best tracking app for Android and iOS. More than locating lost cell phones, mLite is an app that is used for locating the family members on a map. In short, mLite is a light family control app that allows the user to connect with their loved ones round the clock. By activating the Geo-Fencing, one can keep a close tab on the movements of the intended individual.

Download the app for Android and iOS.

Premium design and power

TrackView is a remarkable security cum surveillance app. Besides tracking lost devices, the free phone tracker app also allows the user to keep a close eye on sensitive installations.

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In case of any emergency, the app can send instant alerts or remote buzz. Download the best phone tracker app without permission for Android and iOS. Check out the detailed app review here.

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FamiSafe is another phone surveillance app that lets you track the iPhone and Android phones. However, for iPhones, FamiSafe requires jailbreaking if you want advanced tracking features. The same applies to Android if you want to accomplish more than just track your lost phone. Apart from the above-listed apps that can be downloaded on a device, the following are the apps that can work on the web platform. Spyic is a brilliant phone surveillance app that is equipped with advanced surveillance through which, the app notifies the user when the SIM card is changed.

The app lets you track lost phones without rooting or jailbreaking target devices. Spyic is used by parents and employers to track the location of their kids and company devices respectively. The reputation and the features of this app have attracted the attention of large media outlets such as Forbes. This app will let you track the location of a lost phone, and even access activity on the phone discreetly.

It does all the tracking without arousing any suspicion or attracting attention from the user. Some more factors that make using Spyic worthwhile are shown below. Spyic lets you track the location of a lost phone remotely via a web browser. To accomplish this, the user only needs to log on to your Spyic dashboard. On the dashboard, you can access the current location and the location history of your device.

Spyic is an easy to use app. The engineers at Spyic have overcome the need to root or jailbreak through sheer determination and use of cutting-edge technology. Only a few phone tracking apps have achieved this feat and Spyic is top on the list.

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Best of all, no installation is required on iPhones. You will only need to provide your iCloud credentials and choose your iPhone. The stealth mode of the app ensures if a thief gets hold of the lost phone, they will never know that they are tracked. On Android devices, the app icon is deleted automatically and the app disguises itself in installed apps.

On iOS, it is even harder to detect the app since it uses iCloud to track everything. Besides, it uses very little system resources. So, it never interferes with the performance of the device. Spyic is a legit phone surveillance app that allows legal phone tracking. Unlike most other apps, the app is safe since it does not share your data with others. Also, it does not come with malware or virus that may compromise with the security of the device.

Step 1: Visit the official Spyic website and register for an account. Make sure to subscribe to a package plan that suits you. Step 3: The setup wizard will take a few minutes as it syncs. Once the installation process is done, hit Start.

Meizu M5 detailed review

Here, you will have access not only to the current location but also to the location history of the phone. The other device tracking striking app is Cocospy. Like Spyic, Cocospy is also a phone surveillance app that lets you track your lost or stolen phone. The phone has a 5. It has 'always-on-display' technology and four-axis optical image stabilisation. It has a nice crisp screen display. Its dimensions are Meizu say that the x display resolution, exceeds the 2K standard and "most of" the mainstream desktop displays.

It has 64 or Gb UFS 2. Four Exynos M1 2. Nice touches on this phone are the heart rate sensor, missing from the M5 Note, and the infrared proximity sensor. The reworked phone finding assistant is useful. You can make your eyes larger, slim your face or brighten your skin before taking the image. I really liked the improved Hi-Fi on this model. The phone is much louder than then M5 Note. The sound is clear, and loud whether using the inbuilt speaker or the 2nd generation Solo earphone circuit.

Although there is a space for earphones in the box - they are not included. Access to the device is through a keypad, or a finger print sensor which remembers five fingerprints. Like the M5 Note, there is also guest access to the phone which can be enabled if required. I noticed that I could run more apps simultaneously on this phone compared to the M5 Note.

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This engine can adjust system performance according to user preference. It says that the engine can identify users' favourite apps and designate extra resources to make the apps run more smoothly. I did not see any app hogging the memory during my testing. According to the statistics from IC Insights, Meizu is the world's 11th largest mobile phone manufacturer in terms of unit sales.

The quality, and improvement of each device I have reviewed so far tell me that Meizu is set to capture more market share with each model release. If you want a top end phone with all of the features, performance and smooth looks, then this Pro 6 Plus could meet your every need. Doogee S80 hands-on: A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone.