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Samsung M10 Hard Reset -- Unlock Pin,Pattern,Password Face Lock Samsung M10 [ M105F ]

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Add to Wishlist. For a more pleasant experience while using your Galaxy smartphone, try the "Device Care" app by Samsung Electronics.

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With the "Device Care" app, anyone can easily keep their smartphone in good condition. The intuitive screen layout and interactions help the user check the condition of their device at a single glance and maintain their smartphone easily without expert knowledge, as it enables them to take prompt actions if problems, such as malware viruses, spyware , arise.

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Some Galaxy devices may not support some of the features outlined below. App updates via the Google Play store are only available on some devices.

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Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. More by Samsung Electronics Co. See more. Samsung Health. Next, if you want to see this procedure in a more visual and less methodical way, we will provide you with a video in which it is shown what are the steps that you must complete in this function. Step 1 To start, enter the applications menu of your system, and there you have to press the icon "Settings" of it. Step 2 As you can see, now a new option will appear, which is called "Developer options", you must select it.

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Step 5 Now, you have to go to the option of numerical dialing of your mobile and write the following code. Step 6 Finally, you will see a new panel of alternatives. You should know that the mobile phone would restart automatically once you have completed this last step. When you have completed this action, you can link your device with the computer using the USB cable again.

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It is very important that every time you connect these two devices you do so with the use of the original USB cable so that the connection is satisfactory and does not present any errors. Menu Home gadget Internet marketing leisure-digital computers professionals programs compilation security smartphones-tablets software. Author: admininfo. Gone are the devices that were used only to make calls and send messages, to give way to the new Smartphones with which we can communicate through different platforms such as messaging apps or social networks.

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