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Accept and close. Home LG Mobile phones. LG Mobile Phones. New Upgrade. Apply Apply. Check network coverage. Any 4 7. Best For. Filter Filter. Oh no, there are no matching phones! Please change the filters. It features a 6. Where many of its competitors are opting for in-display fingerprint readers, LG is keeping it old school with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader located underneath the rear camera lenses. In-display would have been nice, but the fingerprint reader is certainly functional.

LG V50 ThinQ review: Features | Pricing | Specs Compared

All of the lenses sit underneath the back of the phone, so there's no camera bump. That gives it a nice smooth feel, although it does also mean it rather easily slides around on a desk or in your pocket by itself. That's only half the story, however. We've seen plenty of flip cases for phones to protect them, but LG's take has been to take this to another level by making the interior of the "flip" a screen in its own right.

When the LG V50 ThinQ is placed in the Dual screen, you've got the option to power it up and run it, in effect, as its own Android phone. It's a neat inclusion, although it does rather obviously add a fair bit of bulk to the LG V50 ThinQ if you use it all the time. One minor niggle here is that it places the side volume controls under the hinge, where they can be a little tricky to reach.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

One slightly larger issue here is that depending on your choice of application and how it addresses onscreen controls, reaching them for single handed use can be tricky, if not downright impossible. There's a learning curve to how you use the V50 ThinQ that may not appeal to users who prefer a simple life of application use in the style they already know. That's not what you want in a flagship smartphone, where camera technology is such a key component. That's a decent recipe for a smartphone in , but again on paper, it couldn't help but feel that LG was merely playing catchup to competitors such as Samsung or Huawei.

It's a genuinely pleasant camera to use, and one with very good output. Transition between the wide, regular and telephoto lenses is swift, and both regular and low light performance is solid. It came within stretching distance — but not quite outdoing — Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G too. Again, your experience shooting with the LG V50 ThinQ will differ markedly if you opt to shoot with the dual screen attached.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Stream Faster With 5G | Verizon

It's feasible to prop the whole phone up using the dual screen as an ad-hoc stand. However, you only really get one shooting angle this way unless you hold the primary display at an angle. Again, the volume button placement is an issue if you like using them as a shutter button, because they're on the wrong side for that to be feasible in dual screen mode. One nice aspect for dual screen shooting is that if you tap to review a shot, it comes up on the secondary display, leaving the camera live for further shooting with just a tap on the display.

The lens choice does let you frame to pick your surroundings. You can use the camera app on either of the LG V50 ThinQ's dual screens, although not both at once for shooting. The LG V50 ThinQ might look a little ordinary from the outside, but you remember what your mother always told you about external appearances, right?

It's an Android 9 phone with LG's own generally light launcher on top. Here's how it compares using Geekbench 4's CPU test:.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G Summary

There's really very little in benchmark terms between all 3 current 5G phones, and that translates out into application performance as well. There's more of a gulf in 3D benchmarks. Then there's the dual screen accessory. Drop the LG V50 ThinQ into it, and you'll get a small movable pop-up button to control that secondary screen.

You can switch primary and secondary screens, or turn off either display if you wish, but it's in running multiple apps that the Dual Screen has plenty of potential — and a few pitfalls. It's a question of how well a given app actually supports running on that secondary screen with LG's software.

LG V50 ThinQ Dual-Screen Gaming!!!

It's great for functions like running video on one screen while you browse your social media, or having multiple browser windows open simultaneously. While it appears to be similar to the "foldable" phone devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X , it's still just two phone screens in one body.

You can't slide content across both displays — not that this would look very good — and it's very much a story of coming up with use cases that make sense of the dual screen display. I've certainly found it handy to have social media running on the dual display while browsing the web on the other, or indeed for having two browser instances running simultaneously. It's a case of making your own fun, and it feels like LG could perhaps have gone further in creating a really unique use case for dual screens.

It's still early days in the 5G story , with very limited network availability and, as it turns out, limited speeds as well. The dual screen accessory doesn't add any battery capacity at all. Here's how it stacks up using Geekbench 4's Battery test:. It's a different story once you start using that dual screen. To test this, I fired it up and left it running while scheduling another Geekbench 4 Battery test:. Now, that's very much a worst case scenario type of figure, because you're not likely to run both screens at once all the time.

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In more anecdotal testing, that primary 4,mAh power pack was enough to get through a full day's usage, primarily on 4G networks, including periods where the V50 ThinQ did double duty as a hotspot for my laptop. The story for 5G networks may be quite different, but there simply aren't enough points of 5G access to properly assess that. The few times I was within 5G regions, I was heavily speed testing and drawing the battery down heavily as a result. That's not going to be what you do with the phone in day to day use, even when 5G becomes more commonplace.

Impressively, popping the LG V50 ThinQ into the dual screen case doesn't block out its Qi charging capability, although you may have to lean it in interesting ways to get it to fit if you leave the dual screen open while wirelessly charging. Home News You are here. Naturally, the stable Android 10 update is kicking off exclusively in LG's homeland, although if the G8 ThinQ is any indication , we may not have to wait very long for these UI tweaks and performance improvements to expand from Korea to the US. Technically, the LG V50 ThinQ rollout seems to have started more than a week ago , but it's only now that regular users are reportedly allowed to join former beta testers in the stable Android 10 club.

Apart from the usual changes and system enhancements, including a system-wide dark mode option, more intuitive gesture navigation, and better privacy controls, the update comes with Google's December security patches in Korea. Sep 04, , AM, by Peter Kostadinov.

Dec 17, , AM, by Adrian Diaconescu. Jun 24, , AM, by Adrian Diaconescu.