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With Wi-Fi, you can call a friend up even if you're in a dingy, underground bar assuming you can connect to the bar's Wi-Fi, that is. In a way, yes. There are various services including Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber that provide what's known under the umbrella term VoIP, for "voice over Internet Protocol," to make calls with either a Wi-Fi or data connection. Carrier-branded Wi-Fi calling is slightly different, however. It's baked directly into the phone's dialer, so you don't need to fire up an app or connect to a service to use it.

You can set it as your default way of placing a call, or if you lose phone signal, it will automatically switch to Wi-Fi calling.

Because the service is built in, that also means you don't need to add contacts to a service as you do with Skype. You'll have access to your existing phone book, and your friends can receive your Wi-Fi call without needing to download a third-party app. With no contacts to add, carrier Wi-Fi calling requires little effort to set up.

When Apple included Wi-Fi calling capabilities in its iPhone 6 in , the four major carriers in the US ramped up their support of it. Most phones on Verizon are capable of Wi-Fi calling, but it's unclear exactly how many phones in total have it. But while Android and iOS after have no restrictions, phones that launched before that year may not be able to make outbound calls outside Sprint's coverage areas incoming calls may still be available, however. You can also bring your own phone to the carrier, as long as it's the North American variant of the phone, it's unlocked and uses GSM technology.

Except in uncommon cases like making a premium call, domestic Wi-Fi calls should be free. If you make a VoIP call over your data network, however, that will eat into your phone plan's monthly data allowance, so be aware of that. Also, be sure to read the policies of your carrier to see if any of their potential restrictions and charges relate to your situation.

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If you're running out of minutes, using services like Skype or WhatsApp will help avoid incurring any additional charges. That depends on the carrier. Usually, if you're traveling internationally but call a US number, the call should be free. But carriers have different rules if you're calling an international number. To make sense of all the different scenarios, caveats and carriers, check out the charts below:. You can use data, but remember that it will cost you a lot if you're roaming on cellular networks. If you don't have a roaming plan, make sure you only use Wi-Fi and turn off data roaming in your settings before heading out.

Though the higher throughput you have the better your connection will be, a minimum of 1Mbps should be enough to patch a solid call through. Republic Wireless reports that it can hold a call with 80Kbps, but the quality may decrease and you'll experience more dropped calls as well.

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Keep in mind that the number of people currently using a Wi-Fi network and what they're doing 20 people each streaming a 4K video, for example may also affect your signal strength. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It is just a reminder asking you to setup the feature. If you finish the setup it should not be there. You also need turn on location services to use this feature. All incoming calls on my Moto G are going straight to voicemail.

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Can you tell me what is going on? I keep my data turned off on my Moto G unless I need it and I sometimes get the message that I have received a voicemail that cannot be downloaded. Other voicemails are received with no problem. Do voicemails require either data or a wifi signal? No, normally, you can access your voicemail box without data connection.

Viber VoIP app now available for Android

You actually can access voice mail from any phones. Are you sure it is a really a voice mail notification? Tap and hold the notification, then tap App info to find out. I have lost the sound to all of my notifications even screen sounds, I have checked everything possible and all sound is on…can you assist. Not sure about yourquestion. You can see all emails in the email app.

By default, new emails are on top of inbox. My network indicator turn color from white into orange, what does it mean? Probably it means the network is in using, i.

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You cannot change it. If only 2g network is available, you will see E or G.

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Of course, you may check with your phone company whether your sim card or your mobile plan includes 3G. For 2g only sim card, you cannot access 3g network as well. You can simple disable notifications in the Messaging app. In your case, the E inducates you only have a 2g edge data connection.

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  5. Not sure about this. Please backup your data because factory data reset will erase all your settings and apps. Hi my moto g battery and WiFi icons have both gone grey and no longer blue is this normall or do I have to change it in the options please help me asap Myles. When I try to text one of my contacts it fails to send and I get a red triangle with a white exclamation mark in it. What does this mean? It shows H symbol , above H it has stop symbol circle with a straight line in the middle What does it mean?

    It usually means the 3g network is available, but you sim card cannot use it due to some restrictions set by your carrier. You may check with them whether your data quota is exceeded. I have a block of data available to me from my provider. It is usually a R sign. Sometimes, if you live near the boarder, this may happen. Anyway, you can always ask your carrier to disable roaming service to avoid the expensive roaming charges.

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    At the top of my phone in the notifications bar mine reads a constand stream of symbols i. Any ideas what it is and how i can remove them? It uses its own antenna receiving signals from satellite directly. For Internet, in dual sim model, you cannot use voice and data internet simultaneously unless you get calls from the card you assigned for data. Bluetooth is enabled, but your Moto G is not paired with any devicies. Trying to pair with Motorola Bluetooth headset I used to have the notification icons in the upper left hand corner of my Moto G, but recently, at the advice of our carrier after something had used up MG of data in one day!

    Any idea how I can get those back? Probably the notification was turned off fire email app and phone app. You can check this in settings — apps. When ever i get notifications i see it on notification bar but its not showing on particular apps. Same problem for gmail, facebook as well. The restricted assess changed message usually indicates the contact between the sim card and the metals in card slot is not good. If you trimmed the sim card by yourself from a bigger one, you may consider to get the official micro sim card.

    You can add multiple Gmail accounts in your phone. You can add your Gmail about to the phone in settings — accounts. Then you can delete the old account. Of course, you may get problems with some installed apps as they may be associated with the old Google account. So, the best solution is to perform a factory reset settings — backup and reset. This will erase all your settings and files.

    You then set it up with your own Google account. Please backup all your data before resetting. Hi i am using moto g dual sim,in dual sim settings,one sim slot has been disabled..