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With the OnePlus 6T an obvious rival for this phone, I find that the 6T's monochrome Reading Mode, which can either be set to kick in when specific apps are launched or activated manually, is a deal-maker. A single speaker grille on bottom edge delivers sound that goes pretty loud, but loses fidelity at top volumes becoming tinny, distorted and harsh.

Oppo RX17 Pro Review - Dual battery beast

Things are much better three-quarters of the way up the volume slider. ColorOS is a light-touch Android overlay, including options for the icon grid and a useful QuickTools applet. It lacks an app drawer, which doesn't bother me too much, although as noted earlier I'd like a reading mode. There are six themes you can play with -- I particularly liked the pre-installed green theme -- and you can decide whether you want a 4 x 6 or 5 x 5 icon grid layout. Probably my favourite aspect of ColorOS is the app shortcuts tool.

Sweep in from the right edge near the power button from any screen or in any app, and a little QuickTools applet pops up which you can populate with any apps for speedy, one-handed launch. It's simple and neat, and I found it very efficient.

Oppo R17 Pro review: More cameras, more batteries, more speed

All in all, ColorOS keeps things simple, which is preferable to being overloaded with apps that duplicate Android standards and features that irritate rather than assist. There are three cameras on the back. The primary camera also supports optical image stabilisation OIS. The third camera is a Time of Flight ToF unit that uses infrared to measure distance.

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You could use it to make 3D scans, for example. I had to download a separate Oppo app called AR Measure, which can measure distance, length and area, to use the ToF camera. This was still in beta when I tried it, and accuracy was an issue -- it measured the inch diagonal of my computer screen at 33 inches, for example. The ToF camera is a nice idea, waiting for solid apps to take full advantage.

The two main cameras are a good combination, producing nice photos with good low-light performance. It's not quite the revolution that Oppo suggests on its website though, with verbiage like "The RX17 Pro brings you deeper into night's most enchanting moments, with powerful night shot settings that coax light through the dark to gently capture their allure" and "even the faintest rays converge in clear, luminous images.

Its 'beauty' settings let you do things like have a thinner or smaller face, and change the size of your eyes, chin and nose. Why are we not just OK with how we look, I wonder? Battery life is the Oppo RX17 Pro's standout feature. The handset has two 1,mAh batteries, bringing a total of 3,mAh to the party. These delivered an impressive 10 hours 37 minutes of life from a full charge, for a Geekbench battery benchmark score of I never had to worry about running out of charge before the end of the day on my regular workload diet of email, browsing, streaming and some GPS use.

When battery life does run low, as long as you have the SuperVOOC charging brick and cable with you, Oppo says you can get 40 percent charge in ten minutes. That's a ground-breaking claim, and it comes courtesy of the provided kit's 50W capability with, we are assured, smart monitoring to protect the handset from such a high throughput.

Oppo's RX17 Pro is a good smartphone up against great competitors

Does it really work? Yes it does. After completely draining the battery I put it on charge. After 10 minutes the battery was up to 35 percent. After 20 minutes it had reached 73 percent. After 30 minutes it was at 95 percent, and after 35 minutes the battery was fully charged.

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  • Oppo RX17 Pro Review – A Mid-Range Rival For The OnePlus 6T.
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  • To get this you do need to carry the Oppo charger, but given the long battery life it should be possible to charge the handset first thing in the morning and not need another charge until the next day. That regime certainly worked for me. The Oppo RX17 Pro is a solid 6. If your workload mix hits your phone's battery hard, the RX17 Pro's long battery life and super-fast charging should be a big attraction. Nokia firmware blunder sent some user data to China Company behind Nokia smartphones accidentally left a data collection package inside some Nokia 7 Plus devices' firmware. Android Q: Beta launch, release timeline, features, name, and more We don't have a name yet, but we do know quite a bit about the next version of Android.

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