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That makes sense, but it does more than just get a new home. Pressing the volume keys will now adjust the media volume instead of sometimes but you're not quite sure when controlling the ringer volume. The ringer can be turned on and off through a software toggle button when you adjust the volume. Your reaction may be like ours: "Why wasn't it always this way?!

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You can also now manually control screen orientation. This is done via a pop-up icon that appears when you rotate the screen. You won't have to rely on the phone to often mistakenly rotate the screen for you. It's no secret that we use our smartphones too much, and you probably do, too you are on a technology website, after all. But how much time?

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Like a Fitbit tracker gauges for activity and informs to motivate you, Google's Android Pie update includes a 'Digital Wellbeing' dashboard to monitor how long you've been using your phone and specific apps. Digital Wellbeing is supposed to aid you in understanding what you're spending too much time on so that you can adjust your behavior.

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It even comes with an app timer and to send you notifications when you cross a self-imposed threshold, and a new Shush feature is launching as a Do Not Disturb shortcut when you turn your phone over on its front face. In addition to silencing alarms, it won't even display visual notifications. Think of Google as eliminating both audible and visual noise from your life when these modes are enabled.

Digital Wellbeing is one of the biggest, most fundamental new features in Android Pie and we've already taken a deep-dive into it, explaining it in detail and giving an early verdict on it. Given that it's still in beta we were fairly impressed, but noted that it needs a degree of pro-activeness to get much from it and that it could really do with parental controls.

You can find our full thoughts on it here:. Android Pie makes room for notched displays, and we've seen a lot of them on new Android phones in the last few months — pretty much everyone but Samsung. Looking for the time? It's now on the top left corner of the screen. App notification icons pile next to it, which could get dicey if A. Some other design changes we noticed: Text is more sharp, there's generally more color in the menus, transition animations have been touched up, and some stuff has been moved around.

It looks and feels fresh, even in this very early software build. The Pixel Launcher now has a rounded-off edge, matching the look of notification windows that you see when you wake up your phone. This is obviously a minor touch, but it plays into the overall look that Google is going for with Android Pie. Ambient Display has been overhauled, at least compared to what came before it on Pixel XL and what currently exists on the latest Pixel 2 XL Oreo software. The date and day of week no longer display underneath the time, but it still displays app notification icons.

The biggest change here is that down at the screen's bottom, it displays the battery percentage, so that you don't have to wake it to know whether you need to plug in or not. We look forward to Google making more updates to Ambient Display as the dev preview continues. Galaxy S10e. Best with Bell.

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