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Triple camera setups are no longer new in the market and so are dual front cameras, but no phone, so far offers both. With five cameras, the LG V40 ThinQ offers excellent versatility to shoot in just about mode you want. The rear camera setup comprises a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens and a standard lens, in that order. The LG V40 allows you take photos in just about every way.

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The ultra-wide sensor also doubles up as a macro lens, but a lack of autofocus in it makes it slightly troublesome. LG also designed a feature to showcase the triple-camera setup called Triple Shot.

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The triple shot feature just about sums up the camera. For me, I had fun shooting with this camera and it produced some great results. Daytime shots like these come out really good with excellent composure. The texture of the walls are all muddy if you zoom in even a little while the edges of the railings are jagged and uneven. Without zooming in, however, the photo looks very well-balanced. However, once again, if you zoom in to the original photo, the details degrade to a great extent.

Most cameras will expose for the sky and darken the rest of the scene. The camera is also quite adept at reproducing colours quite accurately. The accuracy in reproducing colours become apparent in this photo. The camera produces good contrast between shadows and highlights which paints a dramatic effect over the scene. There might not be many fans of this gritty effect , but I frankly liked the effect quite a lot. With a wide degree field of view, the frames feel expansive and you can cram a lot of objects in the photo with almost everything coming out sharp and crisp.

LG phones have been shipping with a wide-angle camera for a long time and every iteration has improved it to the point where far off objects like the buildings in the photo appear super sharp. It balances out the exposure making it uniform. The only downside to the wide-angle camera is the lack of autofocus which the Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers. Even photos taken indoors come out super sharp. The camera manages to preserve most of the details with excellent dynamic range.

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While LG cameras have always been proficient in wide-angle photography, this is the first time an LG flagship strayed into the other end of the spectrum. The 12MP telephoto lens on the LG V40 ThinQ is just as good as the other cameras, in terms of reproducing colours and preserving shadows and highlights. It also manages to preserve details well enough. When combined with available filters, you can also create some good aesthetic monochrome photos.

The V40 makes it almost effortless. But you can choose to fiddle around with the exposure and even switch to manual mode which offers lot more customizability. While the sky in the photo is blown out for obvious reasons, every minute detail is very well preserved, while the contrast levels ensure excellent range between highlights and shadows. The zoom lens can also be used to capture far-off text like this one. It manages to retain most of details even after you crop it by percent. Interestingly, the LG V40 ThinQ uses the standard 12MP lens for shooting portrait photos, instead of the telephoto lens which is what most dual camera phones do.

As a result, you do have get up close to the subject to take a tightly composed portrait, but thanks to the larger sensor on the standard lens, it also manages to capture more details. The V40 camera, as the sample above reveals, is quite capable of retaining texts and logos in the frame.

The phone tends to overdo noise reduction making the background appear smoother than it is, resulting in the posterised effect. Low-light photos taken with the wide-angle camera can be used infrequently to compose aesthetic shots like this. There is significant amount of noise in the photo though since the ISO is high, but interestingly, the camera failed to capture ISO information sometimes when shooting in low-light.

The closed shop was well-lit with surrounding light and the photo should have gotten a lot more detail out of it, but the LG V40 fails miserably to do any justice to it.

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Furthermore, the front camera seemed a lot slower than the rear setup and as a result, the details, especially in low-light came out blurry with lots of noise. You can browse through all the high-resolution photos shown in the samples in the Flickr gallery here. You will need a HDR-enabled display to watch the videos in their full glory, which is there on the phone itself. HDR videos are available via the Cine Mode where the V40 also offers a range of colour filters which the company claims have been calibrated with the help of cinema experts.

However, the implementation of the feature was confusing.

You will need to first tap on the point-zoom option on the screen and then select the part you want to zoom in to, all the while shooting the video. The change in stabilisation is apparent when you zoom in, as after a point, the zoom starts becoming quite shaky. However, you can take some smooth pan shots using the phone without any jerks.

The V40 makes shooting cinematic videos easy. You can take a look at some of the HDR videos we shot using the phone in our Flickr gallery. Note that the videos will require an HDR-enabled panel to get the full experience. Message on Netflix startup says device will not be compatible after dec 1 ! Usually it does not take a long time and even these who are not familiar with the process will be able to go through this process quickly and efficiently.

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