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LG has put a ton of options into the camera app and they clearly want you to explore all the different cameras. It can be overwhelming if you want to snap a quick photo. Especially if you accidentally use one of the secondary cameras, which are not as good as the main shooter. If you compare the V40 to the Pixel 3 you are choosing between 3 good cameras and 1 exceptional camera.


The LG V40 is running Android 8. For the most part, everything looks like you would expect.

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They just add their own little touches here and there. The V40 is running basically the exact same software as the LG G7. That means I have the same gripes as I did on that device. LG still does not allow you to make the navigation bar black. The color options are all light pastels. I find this to be borderline unusuable, especially in dark themed apps. To get a black nav bar you need to install a 3rd-party theme or enable High Contrast Mode in the Accessibility settings. This is a small dock that can hold shortcuts. You can swipe it open from anywhere on the edge of the screen.

Game Tools includes settings to enhance your gaming experience.

Context Awareness is a set of tools which allow you to control settings based on situations think Tasker Lite. Lastly, LG has a few features that have stuck around for a long time. You can double-tap the display to wake the phone or use a Knock Code to unlock it. The volume buttons can be used as shortcuts to quickly launch the camera and notes. The stock launcher does not have an app drawer by default. You can change that in the Settings and also remove the app drawer icon from the dock so you can use the swipe-up gesture.

At the moment, LG includes just enough tools and unique features to add value without an overcomplicated experience. On paper, this is a great device. Like the Galaxy Note 9, this is a phone that seems to have everything but the kitchen sink. This is the best phone LG has ever made. No amount of cameras can change that. Tags android 8. Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox?

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Review: LG V40 ThinQ

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Wi-Fi Samsung has long been known for its displays. LG is trying to catch up. But is a new story. LG got back up off the dirt, dusted itself off, and came back to the table with an almost class-leading display. This is not a phone you will struggle with on a bright day. Expert allows you to manually adjust the saturation, hue, and sharpness, a feature we wish we had on all phones. A funny thing happened once LG decided to redesign its devices, starting with the LG G6 — they just felt hollow.

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Yes, there is still a slight knock when touching the back of the phone, but it is much improved even over the LG G7. LG uses an aluminum frame that feels fantastic. The 2. The curve of the display is far more gradual, but it also feels more natural. That single speaker gets LOUD when placed on a flat surface. Not only is it loud, but it sounds pretty good too. But the real star of the show is the integrated DAC. Not only has LG not removed the headphone jack, but it has also doubled down on its importance. LG offers an unparalleled audio experience with wired headphones.

Plus, a large number of consumers are perfectly fine sacrificing audio quality for the convenience of Bluetooth audio and no cables. LG went large on cameras this year, including five separate cameras on the V Three on the back, two on the front. Dual front-facing cameras is a rather new trend and LG is fully embracing the trend.

LG V40 ThinQ review: Undeveloped innovation

In practice, this works really well. The rear of the device is an entirely different story. To support the cameras, LG also added some pretty interesting shooting modes like Triple Shot, which takes pictures from all three lenses and makes a little zoom-in montage with them. I feel like LG can refine over time and make this a better experience than is currently available right now. Pictures from the rear cameras are surprisingly good. Low light pictures are a real standout.

As you can see in our photo samples, the camera pulls out a ton of light in challenging situations. So, do you really need three lenses?