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That also comes with the bonus of the 16 Plus weighing 30g more than the 16's g. Much like the Meizu 15 devices, Meizu has overdone itself with the new device duo.

Meizu M8 Touch Screen Cell Phone Review

The specifications sheet is impressive and wouldn't look out of place on a more mainstream flagship device, and there's not much to complain about sans, perhaps, the lack of waterproofing and NFC. In the same vein, there are also no significant weaknesses—no notch, there's a headphone jack, the display is AMOLED, and the design is brilliant.

However, you simply will not be able to buy a Meizu The devices are currently exclusive to the Chinese market and even if you chose to import one, you'd be faced with the daunting hurdle of inadequate LTE bands—even in Europe.

Display Measurement

There's also the issue of Flyme OS and Meizu's policy on software development but that's a story for another day. In spite of all this, if you live in a country where you can make do with the Meizu 16's available network specifications, you'll have a hard time finding a better device, especially at the device's listed price point. Best Displays , for University Students. Apple and Verizon will begin selling the phone early next year, the person said, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because the plans were supposed to be confidential and he did not want to alienate his contacts at Apple.

There has been much discussion regarding a Verizon iPhone but a few important details are still up for debate. Will it be the next-gen iPhone with new features? Most importantly, will it be 4G or 3G?

Display Measurement

It is not clear which direction in terms of phone design Apple will take with their CMDA version, but it makes sense that Apple will stick to their current design and feature set at initial launch. Just yesterday rumors of talk between China Telecom and Apple emerged that seem to lineup with many of the recent rumors. About the Author. Mark Gurman's Favorite Gear. MacBook Pro with Retina Display. October 14, Xcode 4 Preview 4 released to developers Mark Gurman - Oct.

October 13, October 12, Best Apple deals from 9to5Toys. Mark Gurman - Oct. Here they are:. October 11, Colorware is ready to spice up your iPod touch 4 Mark Gurman - Oct.

Meizu M8 unboxing and hands-on!

October 10, October 9, Update : We missed Egypt: expand full story. October 8, Well that's convenient, talking while browsing coming to Verizon Mark Gurman - Oct. Tech Industry. The increased brightness came only after I had updated the device to the 4.

Latest iPhone firmware v 【】 quietly relea_poul懂_新浪博客

The black levels at maximum brightness remain quite high, providing one of the weakest performances among competing devices. Again, this only happens at maximum brightness as more normal use-cases such as our nit measurement level will achieve a contrast ratio. I've mentioned in the introduction that the screen is able to achieve excellent low-light brightness conditions, but nothing really prepared me for what I discovered.

The MX4 Pro is able to achieve 2. Not only was this LCD screen able to match those the low brightness of Samsung's devices, but it managed to do it while retaining color accuracy and especially color resolution as dark grays would not suffer from the same black clipping that the recent AMOLED devices are displaying. I specified that the 2.

One might remember that Meizu markets the brightness levels of the display, however the lower levels are not achievable under normal circumstances unless one goes to edit the brightness manually in the control entry of the back-light driver. Here actually setting the minimal brightness as allowed by the hardware achieves an insane 0. For comparison, I took a long-exposure picture of the MX4 Pro next to the Note 4 at both their minimal allowed luminance, as seen on the left side of the picture. What really astounded me here is that the MX4 Pro remained absolutely color accurate even at this crazy low setting, as visible in the 50 second!!

Although going so low in brightness serves absolutely no practical use, as even in a completely dark room you will have a hard time reading content, it does prove that there is no technological barrier in LCD screens preventing manufacturers from implementing comfortable low brightness levels for reading at night.

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I appreciate Meizu for being one of the first manufacturers to actually allow this on LCD screens and I hope we'll be seeing wider adoption in the future.