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Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Chinese firm Xiaomi is famed for its low-priced and highly competitive smartphones, and its Redmi range of devices has traditionally led its budget charge. The Redmi S2 is the latest member of this growing family and comes hot on the heels of the Redmi Note 5, another bargain-basement marvel. However, it lacks key options such as fast and wireless charging, water-resistance and NFC support. It feels a bit cheap and nasty when compared to the metal bodywork of the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi 5 , and the antenna lines at the top and bottom of the device make it look like an unfinished pre-production prototype.

On the plus side, the overall design is appealing, with the device sporting nicely rounded edges and a good contrast between the screen and the frame.

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Related: Best cheap phones. Along the top edge is a 3. Xiaomi has embraced USB Type-C with its flagship devices but, sadly, continues to use the older connection standard on its cheaper devices. Hopefully, the Redmi S2 will be the last example of this. The panel itself is lacking punch, and viewing angles could be better. While it boasts an in-vogue widescreen aspect ratio, there are some quite pronounced bezels at the top and bottom of the display.

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To view your active apps you swipe up and hold your finger on the display. Related: Best Android phone. The global version of the Redmi S2 supports multiple languages and can be used almost anywhere in the world, thanks to its wide support for international mobile network bands. All in all, the device is quite light when it comes to bloatware, which is welcome. Moving between apps can sometimes cause a bit of stuttering, and on occasion there are animation delays when performing certain tasks.

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In general, however, the phone is fast and responsive. Unlike a lot of modern handsets the Redmi S2 retains the 3. Call quality is generally good, with the second noise-cancelling mic doing a decent job of removing ambient sound from your end of the conversation.

The in-call speaker is also loud and clear. It gives them the flexibility to contact their companions, relatives and family members regardless of where they are physically found. Technology has made life easier for many people as well as helped solve many problems.

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