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Honor Mobile Phones: Latest & New Mobile Phones List 21st March

Add to Wishlist. Add to cart. Huawei FreeBuds 3 KSh 19, Oppo Reno Z KSh 34, Honor V9 Play KSh 10, Huawei y9 prime 64Gb KSh 20, Realme xt 8Gb Gb KSh 30, Realme 5pro 8Gb Gb KSh 27, Infinix hot 8 3gb 32GB KSh 11, Xiaomi Redmi 8 KSh 15, Mobile Phones. Nokia 5. Huawei P30 Pro KSh 89, Huawei P30 Smartphone KSh 63, Read more.

Huawei P30 Lite KSh 26, Samsung Galaxy A30 4gb 64gb KSh 19, Samsung Galaxy m20 KSh 16, Samsung Galaxy s10 KSh 64, Samsung m10 KSh 14, Samsung Galaxy Tab A Try to do a forced reboot by pressing and holding the Power key for 10 to 15 seconds. If your phone works, it should reboot and you should feel a vibration and see the Huawei logo.

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In case you do not feel the vibration and the screen is still blank, then simply press and hold the Power Key for more time until you see the device restart itself. If nothing changes after attempting to reboot the device a few times, you can abandon this troubleshooting and proceed to the next ones below. GPS issues may sometimes be caused by incorrect network settings. In order for your device to use whatever GPS data it is receiving, its network configuration must be set up correctly.

At times, system-wide changes may affect the network functionality of a device. This can result to some problems including possible issues with GPS function.

Huawei P30 Pro's 50X SuperZoom in Action!

To ensure that your Huawei device has the correct settings, follow the steps below to reset network configuration:. Allow your device to finish resetting network settings and restore the default values.

Huawei P30 Pro Review: Camera

Software and apps updates usually offer fix patch to obliterate existing problems inflicted by random bugs and malicious software. You will then see a list of apps with pending updates. Just tap on Update to install individual app updates or tap Update All to update apps simultaneously.

Huawei P30 Pro review: unprecedented camera, familiar design

Sometimes, a third party app may cause problems or interfere with the Operating System. Having network troubles due to a bad app is not unheard of in Huawei devices. In safe mode, no third party app should be able to run. So, if GPS works normally on safe mode, you can bet a bad third party app is to blame. The power button is still there, but due to the frame being pushed towards the back of the phone, is also located in a bit of an unusual location.

I might sound a bit overzealous on this aspect of the phone and maybe am a bit too negative and harsh, but for me the ergonomics of a phone are quite important and in this regard the Mate 30 Pro feels like a step backwards from the Mate 20 Pro and the P30 Pro. While on the Mate 20 Pro I said that one could possibly get used to it, on the Mate 30 Pro the characteristic is a lot more noticeable thanks to the more drastic curvature of the screen.

The characteristic is noticeable in bright conditions, but especially in lower light conditions, and when viewing the phone from the side this can be excruciatingly visible as a bright stripe which is quite distracting. Naturally the less curved corners mean that the phone feels boxier than its predecessors, which again for me constitutes as a regression in terms of the ergonomics of the device. The back of the phone has seen a larger redesign, which is a bit odd given what Huawei had promised last year.

For the Mate 20 Pro Huawei had proclaimed it wanted to make the square camera cut-out design a defining feature of the Mate series that people would instantly recognize. Well this year the square is a circle, and the triple-camera setup becomes a quad-camera setup. The telephoto is a 8MP 3x zoom factor in relation to the main camera and seemingly the same setup as on the Mate 20 Pro and regular P The big new camera addition for this generation was the addition of a 40MP super-wide-angle module.

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The top and bottom of the phone adopts a similar flat design introduced with the P30 series which is relatively unique.