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Samsung gives Galaxy A3 and A5 premium build, mid-range specs

Car manufacturers are starting to roll out smartphone mirroring tech , which allows you to safely access your phone when you're driving. It basically 'mirrors' your phone on the infotainment panel, allowing you to access stuff like calls, Google Maps, Spotify and so on. My old A-Class doesn't come with smartphone mirroring—it's not the newest—but when my lease is up, I'll definitely pick up a new car that does! I'll give you a quick overview of how Android Auto works then we'll dig into the specific makes and models that support Google's smartphone mirroring.

Unless your car actually has Android Auto in that case, why are you reading this blog? The super short answer is that Android Auto allows you to 'mirror' some smartphone features on your infotainment system. There's two big pluses to this tech. First, you can use your phone while driving without picking up penalty points and fines.

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One thing to watch out for is that Android Auto hasn't actually been around for all that long so only some apps will work with it. BMW, I'm looking at you. If you're more of a Steve Jobs fan, don't worry! We've got you covered.


Think of Abarth as Fiat's tearaway little brother. They take Fiat's sensible little cars like the and turns them up to eleven! Expect big engines, silly colour schemes and ridiculous aero kits!

What is Android Auto?

Does Alfa Romeo really need an introduction? Not really.

They're cool, Italian and make a tremendous noise! For the last two years, Alfa's offered Android Auto in four of its cars. What more do you want to know? I'm not sure why Aston Martin includes Android Auto in their cars.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Review

I mean, you're just listening to the engine, right? Anyhow, since , Aston Martin offers three models kitted out with Android Auto. Audi was one of the first manufacturers to get behind smartphone mirroring, including Android Auto in the Audi Q7 back in Nowadays, the German giant offers 14 different models with Android Auto.

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Mostly because they can't really decide what they want to be. It's all change for the French marquee and that means they're right on top of new tech trends like Android Auto. Like it's more exciting brother Abarth, Fiat is dipping its toe in the world of smartphone mirroring.

The Italian marquee only offers the tech on a handful of models but it's a decent start.

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It's an interesting time for Ford. The layer premium glass design on the rear and the double-sided 2.

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Capture bright and beautiful selfies, even in dimly lit conditions with this phone's 16 MP front camera. It comes with a professional-level bokeh mode for stunning photos. Suggested Reads. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The Galaxy Note 10 is designed to give you the mobile experience of a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen - all in one device.

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You should be able to find which app is taking up Memory. You can enable Developer options by tapping Build number in the About device section multiple times until a congratulations window pops up. In the developer options, there's another option called Process stats.

This will show you how much RAM an app takes up.

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