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If your phone is actully lost, you can lock it and track its current location. If someone is hiding your phone or its somewhere nearby but silent. You can make it ring. There are two services that can help you track and locate lost Note 7. All you need is internet connection and a smartphone or PC. There are two methods that we are going to cover in this guide.

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If one of them does not works for you. You can always try the other one. I am hopeful at the end of this guide. You will be able to track your Note 7 or actully get back your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is very expensive and valuable phone. I can relate how you must be feeling right now. Android device manager is a service by Google for every Android phone. You can operate your phone to some extent using Android device manager. It has three basic features that are as follows:. Note: You can also download Android device Manager app from Google play store and use it to locate your lost Note 7.

This method will only work if you had your google account logged into your Note 7 before it was lost. Then you can try your luck with the other method that is below. Well lets move on to your last hope and my 2nd method to help you locate lost Note 7. You can locate your Note 7 and perform number of steps on your lost Galaxy Note remotely. Few notable features of Samsung Find my Mobile are following:. In the conclusion. I would like to give you all the luck, so that you can find and locate lost note 7.

An older Note — especially if you're able to score a bargain on a slightly used or refurbished model — may be your best option if you're invested in a premium experience. There was no Note 6, so this release is only one generation older.

Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Note 7 Kept Exploding

The Galaxy Note 5 is an excellent phone and is by no means obsolete. In terms of dimensions, weight, size and display quality, it's nearly identical to the now-defunct Note 7. Mostly, you're just missing out on Note 7's trendy features, such as its curvy glass display, iris scanner and GIF shortcuts, but you will also miss the Note 7's microSD slot, USB-C port and water resistance.

Of course a generation-older processor also holds it back a bit. Here's a side-by-side look at how the two phones compare.

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We're not necessarily trying to push Samsung on you, but if you're a fan of the Note 7's characteristic curvy glass build, you'll find similar contours and quality in the S7 series. The Galaxy S7 edge is the Note 7's stylus-free phablet cousin. Find out more through this comparison of the two phones' tech specs. The earlier coming-soon caveat applies here as well. At the time of this writing, the first made-by-Google phablet is sold out at major retail outlets, and for good reason — it's one heck of a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Still, it could be worth the wait. While it represents a significant departure from the Samsung style and interface, it offers heaps of appeal for Android aficionados. You'll have to relinquish key Note 7 features like the stylus, microSD expansion and water resistance. What will you get in return?

Google Pixel XL 's stellar camera, top-of-the-line operating system, Google Assistant and buttery-smooth performance. You may notice we've omitted stylus-sporting smartphones like the LG Stylus 2 Plus. Well, they're decidedly mid-ranged. They don't offer the high quality internals or user experience of the top-shelf phones above.

Since the Note 7 smacked of luxury, middling offerings are not on the same level. If this list seems short, we feel you — there simply aren't that many phones that come close to approximating Samsung's elegant stylus-sporting phablet. If you're willing to broaden your horizon, you could also take a peek at alternatives to the Pixel XL , a roundup of some of the best larger-sized smartphones currently available. LOG IN. Menu HOME. At the very least, it makes smartphones exciting again. When you buy something using the retail links in our product reviews, we earn a small affiliate commission.

Read more about how this works.

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Especially when it adds up to the best Android phone on the market. After a two-minute setup process, your peepers become your password.

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