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Follow the steps above, add a payment method, and complete any required issuer verification.

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Try holding your phone at the terminal for a few seconds longer. Some transactions may require you to unlock your phone multiple times. Google Pay may become unreliable or stop working entirely on your device while participating in a beta program.

If you have questions or concerns about how this beta program may impact your ability to use Google Pay, please contact the device manufacturer for more information. Was this helpful?


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Samsung Galaxy A10e,A20,A30,A40,A50,How to install SD Card. And Move Photos,videos, music, and apps.

Sign in. Help What is Google Pay? Recent flagship smartphones from Samsung from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus onwards have included a dedicated Bixby button on the side of the handset, to encourage you to use its voice assistant for navigation, calls, or any other queries you can think of. Thankfully Samsung has a workaround.

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In the top right corner of the Bixby Home pane is a toggle to remove it. For phones with the older Android Oreo OS, click the Bixby button under the volume controls or swipe right on the home screen to get into Bixby Home. You can also uncheck "Bixby Key" here to stop the side button on your phone from summoning the assistant by accident.

Network requirements : Make sure that the necessary firewall and network access rules are permitted on your network. Registration Review: After your profile is completed and submitted, Samsung reviews your application and either approves it immediately or puts it in a pending review status for further follow-up.

2. How to Track A Samsung Galaxy Phone Using Samsung Find My Mobile

After your account is approved, you can continue to further steps. When your company is successfully registered, you can create your MDM profile for Microsoft Intune in the Knox portal using the information below. However, Intune does require this field to be filled in so that the profile can successfully enroll the device in Intune. For step-by-step guidance, see the Samsung's Create Profile instructions. Using Samsung-Approved Reseller s : Use this method if you're purchasing devices from one of the Samsung-approved resellers.

Resellers can auto-upload devices for you when approved.

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For devices enrolled in Intune using KME for Android, you can configure how an end user signs in as follows:. This option requires the end user to enter both user name and password when enrolling to Intune.

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With user name association: In the Knox Portal under Device details , provide a User ID such as a user name for the assigned user or a Device Enrollment Manager account for the added devices. This option prepopulates the user name and requires the end user to enter a password when enrolling to Intune.

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User association only applies to Android device administrator enrollment. When user association is defined, only the associated user can enroll the device using KME. This is true even after a factory reset of the device. When no user association is defined in the Knox portal, any user with a valid Intune license can enroll the device using KME.

For Android Enterprise fully managed devices, even if user association is defined, it will not be passed to the device or tie the device to the user. After creating and assigning an MDM profile, associating a user name, and identifying the devices as corporate-owned in Intune, you can distribute devices to users. Still need help?