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Seriously though, I want to enable a "hack-friendly" environment at my campus; not malicious at all, just funny as hell. The main reason I bought a Nexus 5 was that it comes pre-rooted by Google, with no carrier crapware on it. It's T-Mobile, so service isn't as widely available, but I get signal in the places I go to. Nexus tablets are pre-rooted as well. I have to agree with the earlier posts on Rooting your Android device: yes, it's obvious that taking ownership of your device is good security practice; and no, it's not obvious to the vast majority of the public.

Nor is it easy to do; nor is it a thing that any person of average intelligence and technical ability would consider safe. Feel free to spout the usual platitudes about 'sheeple'. Or maybe do a bit more outreach work, like the defenestration parties that are, very slowly, getting Ubuntu out into the mainstream. More pressure on the Telcos would be nice; a safe and trustworthy rooting-and-OS-upgrades service would be nice; effective PR to counteract the FUD about rooting would be nice.

Meanwhile, a prediction: if we ever see a massive mobile security failure with consequences sufficiently severe as to generate adverse media coverage - a near-impossibility given the massive advertising 'spend' of the Mobile Telcos - the results will be a counterproductive response from the regulatory authorities and our elected representatives. In terms of wanting to find the location, here's the information describing why it wants that access:.

SnoopSnitch stores a timestamp and your location for many events, such as the phone registering to new base station, into a SQL database on the device itself. It performs heuristics on that collection of data to detect when something is not right; the app alerts you to that situation. And only if you choose to click the 'Upload' button for a particular event would it send any of that data cell tower IDs, location, timestamp to the researchers. That was my own appraisal of the source code.

I'm assuming good faith and that the distributed app really matches with the source code, of course. Bear in mind that this data is probably known already to your mobile phone operator, perhaps even the manufacturer, Google, in-app spyware; and most notably to anyone exploiting SS7 or GSM etc. The functionality of the app is a great idea, but the list of permissions the app asks for are hard to swallow for anyone who is concious of their privacy.

I understand the app probably needs pretty deep access to things like the radio for signal analysis, but why does it need access to my sms? Or "full permissions to all device features and storage" for that matter? Your phone's running a proprietary baseband modem processor which has complete control over the application processor. The baseband processor receives silent SMS text messages from carriers which allows them, or Stingray devices, to reflash your phone's firmware.

Ever hear your phone mysteriously reboot on it's own? You just received a over-the-air firmware update. Yet people are worried about rooting their phones? Believe me, you've got much bigger problems and security vulnerabilities than a non-rooted phone with a easy to escape chroot jail. That's how I jail broke my phone.

It had a locked bootloader so I simply escaped the chroot jail. The only thing a chroot jail might stop is malware you install from the Play Store.

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A chroot jail isn't going to stop mobile carriers from reflashing your firmware, dumping your encryption keys and passphrases from RAM, or anyone with a Stingray device from installing a rootkit on your phone. That's not even going into the secondary operating system called Java Card, which runs on the SIM card. That's a whole other can of worms. In other words, your mobile phone is insecure and wide open by design.

I wouldn't recommend doing anything security sensitive on a mobile phone.

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At most, use the cellphone as a dumb modem by tethering a laptop to it. Thank you very much!

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I put duct tape as per some articles and forums advises on google. I got this advise on the logic that no light source means no use of webcam control by hackers. I would be thankful if you could answer a few more questions: What are the possibilities of taking continuous screenshots of our own laptop by intelligence people by remote control? Since then he has been transferred a few times to other departments. It is only after my complaint that these people He and his friends restricted their behavior and write up on social sites on my personal and professional life.

He himself gave me so many clues that how all that could be possible. He has also written about kaleidoscope, wiretap and many such things in some other posts, which has been hidden or deleted now. And also indicated in few posts that this is happening at large scale. That may be targeted or at random.

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There are not such things. There are directional microphones or laser listeners usable from a certain distance still its very unlikely in your case. What probably happen is that you are under some kind of post surveillance trauma and became paranoid, thinking anything is possible, after you discovered that you have been subject of the surveillance. Like seeing your private conversations or details about your life on internet. The guy you mentioned is a public figure with a lot of power at hand and its almost certain that you have been the subject of an official investigation.

The telephone tracker application gets the most precise data while staying imperceptible by the client of a checked android gadget. The GPS tracker enables you to decide and see the area of the target person from your record. This cell phone tracker is your opportunity to peruse the messages sent utilizing social media sites. You can track and spare each and every document photographs, videos and audio that were shared through social media.

WhatsApp messages spy enables you to spy on all messages, received, sent and even the ones that have been erased ones remotely from the particular spying app you are using. Timestamps and also the names of the recipient are likewise accessible.

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You can spy on WhatsApp text messages on Motorola Droid Turbo 2 without necessary jailbreaking or be rooting the phone. Tracker mobile phone is a cell phone monitoring software for Motorola Droid Turbo 2 that enables you to know in subtle elements what is going on an android cell phone.

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Remote installation service for Vivo phones now available. With your password, only you can open your panel, no other person including our support team can access it. Required: Physical access to the target android phone. Our primary aim for developing Onespy has always been empowering parents and family elders safe-guarding children or minors. With Onespy, you can easily track their locations, calls, chat and other activities throughout the day with our online control panel from anywhere, anytime easily.

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