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The source of much of the trepidation comes from Huawei founder and Chairman Ren Zhengfei, who was formerly with the Chinese military. That's incredibly hard to say with any certainty, which is the core dilemma that Huawei faces. The rest of the world doesn't seem to have a problem with the company. The only exception is Australia, which previously barred Huawei products, but ultimately revoked its ban. Still, the government blocked the company from working on its national broadband network.

Huawei boasts relationships with major carriers, corporations and consumers in more than countries. Still, the comments of US government officials leave you wondering what they know that we don't know.

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Perhaps, but there's no real way of knowing. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, which issued its recommendation to Trump , pointed to Huawei as a company that could threaten the US' influence over 5G wireless technology. ZTE is an odd one because it often gets roped into the conversation with Huawei. ZTE denies any wrongdoing and argues that it's "collateral damage" in the scrutiny over Huawei. The company points to the US resources and components that go into its products.

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Why some of the flashiest Android phones aren't in the US

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