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Back up files: 5. Retrieve Calls and Messages: 6.

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Unlock the device: 7. Extend the battery life : 8.

Set Guardians: Extra workouts: lost mobile customer care number. As find it tap on it.

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Step 4: Check if your Samsung account is displayed and turn on all the available settings. Step 2: As you log in you will be able to see a list of the device registered to find my mobile, from the list select your device that is lost. If your device is connected with the internet you will find the area where it located and will also find a few options.

Though these options your phone will ring for 1 min at its maximum volume, it will ring even if you have kept it on Vibrate or Mute mode. By this feature, you can lock device, suspend the cards registered in Samsung Pay, Turn off the biometric notification in Samsung Pass, and lock the Power off the option of the device. This option will prevent your phone from being switched off if someone holds the phone and tries to power off your phone will remain on due to this option.

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You can retrieve your latest calls and messages from your phone. You can retrieve up to 50 latest calls and messages. With the help of this feature we can you can unlock your phone remotely. This feature is helpful when forgetting your unlocking method. By using this feature all your screen lock information will be deleted. If your phone is not supported to the latest version or has an older version of Android, then your biometrics may not be deleted.

Samsung weirdness: Galaxy users freak out over global '1' message from Find My Mobile | ZDNet

And hence we suggest you keep an updated version. But it seems to be functioning again. For naive, Find My Mobile application lets the user track down their lost or stolen devices. Additionally, users can lock the screen, block Samsung Pay, and back up data stored on the device by using this app. Has anyone had a similar situation? Is it a test or something? I got a notification from find my mobile and it had under it as if it was a message the number 1 and a few spaces down, the number 1 again.

What was that of anyone knows?

i you done like Samsung Find my Device, use Find my Device by Google

In the meantime, we will keep you in the loop once we have more information about this matter. This was sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers. A technical error resulted in a small number of users being able to access the details of another user.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+: Find Attachments Save from Messages / Email / Internet

As soon as we became of aware of the incident, we removed the ability to log in to the store on our website until the issue was fixed.