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This guide will explain the tutorial in simple and easy steps. Before installing the Play Store on Huawei and Honor Chinese phones, it is important to understand the background of the missing Play Store on Chinese phones. So before we jump up to the guide, let us take a look into the Internet censorship in China.

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I will also try to explain why some important platforms cannot operate in China and the importance of the Google Play Store. Without any further ado, let us start now. The internet in many countries is censored.

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  6. Governments and authorities restrict certain information from making its way to the users. The censorship rules may not be that much strict in some countries, but when it comes to China, things get tough.

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    People living in China have no access to the biggest search engine, biggest social media platforms, and the biggest communication applications. The government in China controls all the information, and it has all the right reasons to do so. Chinese citizens cannot use Google.

    When we talk about Google, it means the Google search engine and every other application that falls under the umbrella of Google. They do not have access to Skype, which is the most popular video calling platform. People in China have no idea of what Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are? WhatsApp and Viber do not work in the Chinese territory. In short, all the applications that a modern smartphone or computer user uses in his daily life, are restricted in China. So, how do the Chinese people communicate and socialize?

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    Well, they have their own search engines, one of the popular search engines in China is Baidu. They have their own social media platform known as Weibo. They also have their own communication application called WeChat. Same goes for all other applications that do not work in China. Android is a product of Google, but the phones in China to run on Android.

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    Users have the alternative app stores to grab the applications. Over the course of the past few years, our lives have become so much connected to the internet that we cannot live without it. The way the behavior of users changed towards the internet in these years, the giants like Google, Facebook, and others expanded their goals. What used to be a simple search engine, knows about you more than you yourself know. What used to be just a platform to interact with others, can now manipulate your internet activities. Companies like Google and Facebook have achieved this by continuously working on their products to keep a track of their users lives.

    We search for everything on the internet and Google records those queries. The Facebook and its Messenger have the capability to record our voice and show us the content based on our interests. These platforms can get so much involved in our private lives that at one point, it can get really hard to get rid of them.

    The spying capabilities are definitely out there as well. The manipulation of people by these tech giants has caused a distress. Now the situation that I explained above is one reason for the Chinese government and lawmakers to restrict the open access to such platforms. Another reason for them to keep them from people is because they want to control the information.

    These two reasons are more than enough for the authorities to handle what you see on the internet. Chinese smartphone makers have played a great role in the innovation of the smartphone industry over the course of the past 3 years. All these phone makers manufacture two versions of their smartphones.

    One version is for the Chinese audience and the other one is for the Global audience. The difference between both the versions is in the software department. Yes, the phones to run on Android, however, the type of applications and access to applications is different. They have all the alternatives only. The software on these phones is optimized to comply with the policies of the government.

    The case is otherwise with the Global variants. As long as you are living in China, survival without the Play Store in China is possible, but if you are thinking to move out of China with the Huawei or Honor phone that you purchased from China, what are you going to do? The Chinese app store will not work outside China, and that is when you would want to have access to the Play Store. This is the very reason I am trying to explain everything in detail here right now. Let us understand the importance of the Google Play Store. Now, this is the platform that you are missing out on your Chinese Huawei and Honor smartphones.

    Assuming that you have a clear idea of everything, we will now move towards the tutorial to install the Play Store on Huawei and Honor Chinese phones. Note: After following this guide, you will have access to the Play Store on your phone. This will let you download any applications of your choice anywhere in the world. The Play Store will work on your phone in all the countries afterward.

    Would you sacrifice some raw performance for more features and good looks?

    The first method is to enable the pre-installed Play Store and Services on the phones that have it disabled by default. The second method is for the phones that have absolutely no traces of Google Mobile Services. So, in any case, you should give a try to the first method before going towards the second method. If the first one does not work, you can use the second method which will definitely work. This method is extensive, so pay it a little attention. On your Huawei or Honor phone , open Settings.

    Tap the radio button to allow Unknown App installs from Files. Allow Unknown Sources on Huawei and Honor phones.

    Download Play Store on Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones | TechBeasts

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