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Drawing the letter O pauses the playback. The shake that activates the flashlight from the lock screen was also helpful. The gestures are even better for the camera. I used this quite a lot, and had a decent, 90 percent success rate with the gesture. On the subject of the camera, ZTE has fitted a megapixel autofocus lens to the rear, and a 5-megapixel wide-angle cam above the screen. The performance is very similar to the camera on the OnePlus One. Color reproduction is accurate, and low-light images taken inside are good too. However, the single LED flash limits its usefulness in darker environments, and dull, overcast days made for some poor outdoor photos.

On sunny days, and in normal conditions, the pictures it took looked sharp and well balanced. There are various modes including HDR, panorama, and a burst mode named Group, plus a selection of live filters, and an expert mode.

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Activate this, and you have control over the white balance, exposure, ISO, and focal points. Alternatively, the Camera app is installed, with lots of different modes for the front and rear camera. It has good editing tools, though. Swap to the front camera, and selfie fans will like the beautify mode. I found it equal to the G3, and it easily surpassed the Nexus 5. At launch, the size of the battery was a concern. Take Bluetooth out of the equation, and two normal, working days would be achievable.

The phone has 16GB of internal storage space, with about 8GB available for the user. However, now we get to the other problem. The biggest cons of this applications is that it does not work when the location service is off and when the device is offline. Location services consume a lot of battery that is why they are often being turned off and when your battery is dead this applications will not help you either you will get error messages while tracking it.

Lookout Antivirus and Security is an application for all Android devices which defends it from any unwanted or evil data. There are two versions of this app - free and premium account. Free version allows you to use all the basic tools, like virus scanner or even locating your device. The minus however is that it may slow down your device while downloading games and applications. Probably the best option in this application is being able to remotely locate your device by logging in at lookout. You can make your phone ring or evan see your device on a map.

Remotely locking and erasing your device however is only possible with Premium Account. The advantages of this applications are that there are a lot of basic tools which you can use for free without upgrading to Premium Account , it is very easy and clear to use also the online version - lookout. The disadvantages however are that it does not provide an SMS control, you will not be able to wipe your device that means your device will be left vulnerable and there is not much tablet support works better with mobile phones.

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The first thing to do is to instal this program on your device. After being installed, the Prey is in the background and is not detected by the Activity Manager. The program is also linked with an Internet account which you can use to monitor any activity or change settings. In case of your device gone missing, you need to alert the Prey Anti Theft as soon as possible with your online account.

You can monitor the activity there.

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When your stolen device gets the Internet connection, it will send valuable information to your online account such as running applications, Wi-Fi, desktop screenshot, a picture from an integreted camera. As long as the device stays connected you will receive all the feedback. You can also secure or erase your important data, lock down the device or even send a message to the person using your device. The advantages of this appliaction is that it gives you very accurate coordinates. It also runs silently in the background - so you will not even see it working.

It gathers a lot of valuable information about the missing device. Payment options. Waived activation fee. Device unlocking policy. Get it fast. Pick it up in-store. Order today and get it fast with In-Store Pickup. Have it shipped to you. Choose free 2-day shipping or Same Day Delivery at checkout.

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Choose store Pick up and continue. Select ZIP code Ship and continue. Device features 2. Count on the speed and reliability of a responsive quad-core processor.

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Store more data at a time, from family photos to your favorite apps. The Android 9 OS lets you navigate your phone with quick and intuitive gesture controls. Swipe up from your home screen to access your apps.

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Or swipe from the side to close the app on your screen. Device Specifications. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual. Based on 4 reviews.

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